MLILY USA says spinal health and education key to successful mattress sales

Educating retailers and consumers on sleep and back health is a focus for Mlily this year and at the upcoming Las Vegas Market, as the company plans to promote a better understanding of how spinal alignment and quality sleep can prevent other health problems.

“With retail traffic down, every sales message and conversation, whether it’s in-person or through marketing materials, becomes that much more important,” says Glenn Kobylarczyk., executive vice president. “By now we all know sleep is important. We’re focusing on how you sleep — the position of your body, specifically your back, and how it impacts other aspects of your health.”

Partnered with the International Chiropractors Assn., Mlily is sharing with retailers, important clinical facts from on the impact of spinal alignment, such as:

  • Back pain is the #1 reason for physical pain reported in the U.S.
  • About 100 million Americans suffer from back pain every year
  • Spine health is the #1 job-related disability issue
  • People with back pain are four times more likely to have clinical depression
  • Proper spinal alignment during sleep is a key focus to mitigate or eliminate back pain
  • Symptoms of spinal misalignment include stomach or digestive pain, disruption in function of the nerves, muscles, ligaments, and tendons

“If we truly want to help people sleep and feel better, then we need to talk about the clinically proven causes that keep them from that. Our goal is to present actionable information and properly fit the customer with a sleep system for healthy spine that can prevent more serious health issues,” Kobylarczyk says

“Mlily’s product assortment and price points make it possible for retailers to build an affordable, quality sleep system for customers while making healthy margins for the retailer,” he added.

Mlily USA will be at the Las Vegas Market in B-900, Jan. 29-Feb. 2.

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