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Precision Textiles reaches 300,000 square feet of total manufacturing capability

Precision Textiles reaches 300,000 square feet of total manufacturing capability

Precision Textiles has completed the redistribution of its manufacturing and distribution footprint in the U.S. by moving its corporate headquarters to 90 New Dutch Lane, N.J., opening its warehouse/distribution center in Phoenix and positioning its Troy, N.C. facility as the core of its production for the home furnishings industry.

Why it matters: “The strategic layout of our manufacturing plants and offices give our clients, both existing and new, great accessibility to our services,” says CEO Scott Tesser. “Our customers appreciate not only our quality products, but our commitment to deliver in a timely manner. In an industry where manufacturing and shipping time is incredibly important, our customers need to have a reliable supplier who understands their manufacturing requirements and need for expeditious delivery of textile products.”

The company’s new 100,000-square-foot headquarters in Fairfield allows the company to efficiently and effectively serve its northeastern customers, while putting more capability in its Troy plant — a 170,000-square-foot facility that opened September 2021 and marks the company’s first domestic manufacturing facility outside its New Jersey headquarters.

Precision Textiles’ 50,000 square-foot Phoenix manufacturing and distribution plant was opened to produce all the company’s bedding product lines, further expanding its volume of high loft quilting fiber and needle-punch nonwovens in the U.S. The plant focuses on serving the company’s western customers more effectively.

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Together, the three facilities bring its total domestic manufacturing and distribution capacity to more than 300,000 square feet of space.

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