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Helix teams up with project44 to offer better customer experience

Helix teams up with project44 to offer better customer experience

What’s happening: E-commerce brand Helix partnered with project44, a supply chain visibility platform, to achieve higher operational efficiency and customer engagement.

Helix’s primary objective is to engage shoppers by providing an enjoyable user experience, but even as a tech-forward company, it lacked sufficient customer tracking to deliver on this objective and needed a straightforward way to track orders and communicate with customers.

In 2019, Helix partnered with project44 and adopted its Last Mile Resolution and Consumer Visibility solutions to provide shipment and carrier visibility in one location. The project44 platform has improved overall operational efficiency and given Helix and its customers direct visibility into relevant shipment data.

Why it matters: With Last Mile Resolution by project44, Helix’s logistics and customer service teams can now see all shipments and carriers in one place. When team members log in, they have instant access to all the information they need about a specific order, even if it contains multiple shipments. Since almost every order has multiple products shipped from various locations, this overview is particularly important for the Customer Experience team.

By streamlining logistics management, the DTC retailer increased operational efficiency. With its previous process, it would have taken a team member nearly five times as long to investigate a wayward shipment. Now, it takes less than a minute to identify and reroute duplicate or incorrect addresses. With this time saved, Helix’s CX team can better focus on value-added activities and high-touch customer service, rather than just shipment tracking.

Other highlights from the partnership:

  • 85% decrease in time to investigate and solve for wayward shipments
  • Additional revenue generated from building branded tracking experience
  • Significant increase in customer engagement
  • 72% view rate of alert notifications
  • 68% open rate of email alert notifications
  • 2x increase in SMS opt-ins

For more information, read the full report.

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