How multicategory program selling can lead to success for mattress retailers

Forget the days of simply showcasing mattresses. Today’s savvy customers crave experiences, value and education. By offering multicategory program selling, you can cater to their needs, boost profits and become their trusted sleep haven.

Why program selling wins:

  • Higher average order value. Present tiered options (“good, better, best”) within each category. This empowers customers to upgrade based on budget and needs, naturally increasing your average order value.
  • Happy customers, loyal customers. Shoppers appreciate guided choices and understanding the “why” behind price points. Explain the unique benefits and sleep-enhancing impact of each option, fostering informed decisions and building trust.
  • Price sensitivity fades. When you focus on value and experience, price becomes less of a hurdle. Customers are willing to invest more for tangible improvements in sleep quality and overall well-being.

Building your winning program in five steps

1. Be the product guru: Deeply understand features, benefits and target audiences for each product. Match specific needs to the perfect solution.

2. Weave compelling narratives: Don’t just list specs; tell stories that link features to benefits, ultimately leading to improved sleep and a better life. Highlight pressure relief, temperature regulation and personalized comfort adjustments.

3. Embrace the “good, better, best” approach: Offer distinct tiers of options in each category. The “good” tier caters to budget-conscious buyers, while “better” and “best” options offer progressively more advanced features and benefits at higher price points.

4. Train your dream team: Equip your salespeople with the knowledge and communication skills to confidently present program options and guide customers toward the right fit. Role-playing and product training are key.

5. Highlight the “unseen” value: Go beyond physical features. Talk about the intangible benefits like improved sleep quality, increased energy levels and reduced aches and pains.

Create irresistible bundled programs by combining complementary products from different categories at key price points. This creates immense perceived value and encourages add-on sales. For example, at the $999 price point, include free basic sheets, a free basic protector and two basic pillows. This incentivizes a move up from $599 and opens the door to upselling all three “free” items, potentially significantly increasing the final purchase value.

Remember, you’re not just selling; you’re investing in their well-being. By prioritizing education, value and personalized experiences, you’ll build trust, foster loyalty and watch your profits soar.

By implementing these strategies, you can transform your mattress store from a product-centric business to a customer-centric sleep experience, setting yourself apart in the competitive industry. Now, go forth and help them sleep soundly — and profitably!

Lawrence Heilers

Lawrence Heilers is the owner of Texan Mattress, a fast-growing franchise group of specialty retail mattress stores in Texas with eight franchise locations.

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