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Casper’s chief sales officer says new sleep shop concept in California is ‘sleep store of the future’

Casper’s chief sales officer says new sleep shop concept in California is ‘sleep store of the future’

With 66 Casper retail stores and one outlet store across the U.S., the company has opened a revamped and redesigned sleep shop in Costa Mesa, California.

“The Sleep Shop in South Coast Plaza has been our concept store from the beginning,” Brad Bailey, chief sales officer, tells Bedding News Now. “It’s been a space that has evolved with Casper and now will be the first-of-its-kind sleep destination where guests can fully immerse themselves in Casper’s award-winning innovation and find the best products for a great night’s sleep.”

And because Casper is also selling to brick-and-mortar locations, we asked how the brand’s approach to its own retail stores co-exists with Casper mattresses sold by other retailers.

“We’ve been working with wholesale partners for years and have put a focus on growing that arm of the business because it underscores our mission to meet customers where they shop,” Bailey says. “The majority of our in-store customers discover us online or through a recommendation before going online to do research. Then, they come in-store to check out the products for themselves. We treat our wholesale partners like regional businesses, making Casper more accessible in every market.”

He adds that the benefit of their multichannel approach is that it offers flexibility to consumer shopping preferences, whether that’s through DTC or retail partners, “all the while increasing distribution and driving geographic expansion.”

In the new Costa Mesa store, customers will find:

  • The first Snooze Bar, a dedicated consultation area where Casper’s Sleep Specialists can educate customers on all things sleep including the products that best address their needs and lifestyle, answer questions about any of Casper’s product portfolio, and learn how to achieve their best sleep.
  • The Pillow Lab is an interactive experience where customers can learn about and test each Casper pillow. This area is cozy and fun with a visual celebration of all the materials that make up each Casper pillow. 
  • A Bunkhouse getaway for kids to enjoy while their parents shop, including a fully outfitted miniature room with a twin-size mattress to test for kids looking to get a better night’s sleep.

With all of the personalized features, Bailey says he sees this concept as being the sleep store of the future. “This is the first-of-its-kind mattress store that encourages product discovery and lifts the hood on our award-winning product innovation,” he says. 

The store will also include a first-of-its-kind Bedroom DeZzzign Center, which provides anyone — from interior designers to customers, and more — with a personalized experience with products in Casper’s portfolio to visually design and curate their ideal sleep setup with any product in Casper’s portfolio.

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Customers can book complimentary nap appointments, choosing 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour, where they can experience a personalized trial of the product offerings, or just take a nap if they’d like. 

After check-in, all belongings will be safely stored in a locker and guests will be provided a Sleep Provisions Kit, which includes various items that aid better sleep and relaxation (eye mask, essential oils, etc.). Casper products are available to purchase in-store for shoppers to carry out and use that night or to deliver to their doorsteps as early as the next day. Free delivery is available, as well as in-home delivery and pickup options.

“At Casper, we believe that sleep is essential for well-being and happiness. That’s why we have created a new Casper Sleep Shop for customers to experience our products in a comfortable, engaging and educational environment,” says Ben McCarthy, director of visual merchandising at Casper. “Our product displays encourage shoppers to touch, feel and learn about the design behind Casper’s obsessively engineered sleep offerings, such as our award-winning Cooling Collection. Casper is focused on making shopping for sleep joyful — whether online, in retail stores or through authorized retail partners.”

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