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Kingsdown’s bedMATCH system hits 17 million scans

Kingsdown’s bedMATCH system hits 17 million scans

What’s happening: Kingsdown’s proprietary bedMATCH system has reached a new milestone by surpassing 17 million consumer profiles. The diagnostic tool has recently undergone a major brand refresh adding new features, improved design and how the software guides and interacts with customers in a variety of languages.

As part of the enhanced experience, shoppers lay on a mattress covered in an antimicrobial fabric and equipped with sensors that scan the body and analyze thousands of calculations. In this updated version, mobile-enabled results have removed the need for printers to provide consumers with the system’s recommendations. Instead, shoppers are provided with a unique QR code to take home their results, and the RSA receives the same code via email for follow-up.

Why it matters: Installed in more than 1,450 retail locations around the globe, the patented, brand-agnostic system is currently used by more than 4,100 retail sales associates worldwide to help shoppers match their sleep habits, health and body profiles to the best mattress available in a store, whether or not the mattress is a Kingsdown.

As part of the redesign process, the company performed proprietary research with retail sales associates and surveyed 500 consumers to best evaluate the current attitudes and behaviors surrounding in-store mattress matching tools, and bedMATCH specifically. According to the research, more than 80 percent of the RSAs surveyed said that the bedMATCH system was easy to use in-store and its results were consistently reliable.

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For their part, more than 80 percent of the consumers surveyed said they felt using an in-store diagnostic tool helped them make a decision when shopping for a mattress. That figure rose to 90 percent if they used the bedMATCH system.

Later this year, Kingsdown will roll out an update to its online bedMATCH tool with an API toolkit for seamless integration into retail partner websites and eCommerce platforms for a true omnichannel solution.

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