Magniflex and LaDIFF partner to create ‘Sleep as Art’ concept

What’s happening: Virginia-based furniture retailer LaDIFF has collaborated with Italian bedding manufacturer Magniflex to merchandise “sleep as art,” with mattresses that are uncovered so they “speak for themselves.”

Why it matters: “The beauty of these mattresses is what appeals to customers at first,” says Sarah Paxton, president and co-owner of LaDIFF. “They are immediately drawn to the simplistic style in which we choose to present the mattresses – a few Magniflex pillows, a throw blanket over the middle third of the mattress, and a Magniflex lapel on the end. Our customers are drawn to the beautiful, artistic products we carry and Magniflex’s presentation only enhances its natural beauty. Once their interest is piqued, our RSAs – who are owners of Magniflex mattresses themselves – take care of the rest.”

Paxton notes that consumers typically do little-to-no research on Magniflex mattresses before visiting LaDiff, so driving mattress sales depends on a consumer’s initial attraction to the product.

“When it comes to Magniflex’s products, we like to let the mattresses do the talking,” she adds. “In our stores, we are seeking more modern, European aesthetics and Magniflex’s mattresses completely fit the bill. We want our customers to view all of our contemporary and modern products as art, and Magniflex mattresses are no different.”

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