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Bedgear begins manufacturing domestically, adds dozens of new hires

Bedgear begins manufacturing domestically, adds dozens of new hires

What’s happening: Bedgear has expanded its domestic mattress manufacturing operations into its 275,000-square-foot facility in Rock Hill, where pillow production has operated since 2013.

Why it matters: In the last two years, the company has added about 50 global retail mattress customers and is expected to manufacture more than 25,000 mattresses and create dozens of manufacturing and warehouse jobs by the end of 2023.

While some companies are downsizing in many industries, Bedgear is making strategic hires and elevations across all departments. In 2022, Bedgear created 24 new positions in Forecasting & Planning, Sales, Sales Education, Operations, Consumer Marketing, Merchandising, Creative and Branding. There were also 31 elevations in 2022, three of which were into Director level roles.

New hires include:

Sales and Sales Education

  • Tracy Calamas: Territory Manager  
  • Andrew Lucas: Territory Manager 
  • Lauren Garcia: Sleep Coach 
  • Beisan Hamdan: Sleep Coach  
  • Heather Smith: Sleep Coach
  • Paige Watts: Retail Specialist


  • Alison Lamboy: Director – Merchandising 

Consumer Marketing

  • Thomas Aleixo: Email Marketing Specialist  
  • Nikki Corsini: Manager – Content Marketing
  • Melissa Owen: Director – Consumer Marketing 

Brand Experience

Jonah Nelson: Director – Brand Experience 


  • Gabrielle Attanasio: Creative Operations Coordinator  


  • Terri Pendleton: Director – Customer Success  

Strategic Elevations

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  • Alec Alletto: International Sales Manager  
  • Tyler Sakry: Director – Marketing & Sales, International 

Consumer Marketing

  • Maureen Wuestmann: Director – Online Sales 

Forecasting & Planning

  • John DiLeo: Sales Operations Analyst  

Brand Experience

  • Amanda Patti: Manager – Brand Experience

“Because of Bedgear’s innovative and breathable performance products, the brand is rapidly becoming in demand with consumers and our retail partners both domestically and overseas,” says founder and CEO Eugene Alletto. “Now having the ability to produce both pillows and mattresses at Bedgear’s South Carolina facility as well as tapping talent within and beyond the bedding industry, the company is poised to strategically propel the company and bedding industry forward in 2023.” 

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