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Bedgear unveils Storm King Performance Pillow

Bedgear unveils Storm King Performance Pillow

Bedgear has launched its new Storm King Performance Pillow — powered by the same iconic instant-cooling technology as the bestselling Storm Performance Pillow.

While other king pillows tend to be oversized decorations for king-sized beds, losing shape and growing uncomfortably heavy, the Storm King is designed to fit your bed and your head. It’s meant to be used comfortably for sleeping — as a pillow is intended — as opposed to a bedroom accessory.

The pillow ensures a cooler sleep with Bedgear’s proprietary Ver-Tex instant-cooling cover by dispersing heat away from the head, neck and shoulders. Engineered for cooling and breathability, it features dual-sided comfort with one side soft and one side firm, and Air-X mesh and air vents to provide continuous airflow in and around the pillow.

“At Bedgear, we’re not following trends — we’re setting standards. The Storm King launch signifies our continued journey to redefine what a pillow can and should do,” says founder and CEO Eugene Alletto. “We listen to our customers who desire more than just size for a mere bedroom accessory; they seek pillows personal to their unique sleeping needs. Wake Ready with the Storm King, because we believe your pillow should fit you, not the other way around.”

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Bedgear’s long-championed One Size Does Not Fit All belief is represented by the launch of the larger king-size pillow, Storm King, and throughout the product ranges. This new launch especially caters to those seeking a bigger pillow, measuring 34″ x 20″ x 4.8,” compared to the standard which measures 20″ W x 26″ L. Four different heights are available.

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