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Breaking down consumer buying habits and how they can benefit retailers

Breaking down consumer buying habits and how they can benefit retailers

A few weeks ago, we analyzed important findings in our latest Consumer Insights Now survey. Continuing to dissect the extensive research, below are more key points and an analysis of how they can be used to help retailers not only survive but thrive. 

Product warranties are important to half of shoppers. Not everyone in the bedding industry agrees on how long mattress warranties should be, but one thing everyone can agree on is that consumers like to have some kind of warranty for peace of mind. Our research points to exactly that. However, with 50% of shoppers not seeking warranties, the scale has the potential to  tip either way. 

What’s important to remember is that any kind of warranty — whether it’s one year or five — is going to make the consumer feel better about their purchase. So be sure to teach your sales associates how to build the warranty conversation in the sale.

Forty percent want to lie down/test the mattress in-store before buying. I’ve seen other estimates on this number with higher percentages, but the fact is that a large percentage of people still want to feel the mattress in person. And like tipping scales with product warranties, there’s still time to tip the scales back in favor of in-store visits.

Whether it’s including a line on your website that tells people to come in and try the product or it’s a manufacturer’s website leading consumers to a nearby retailer, getting the message across to consumers where they shop is key to in-store visits. It’s crucial to note that at a time when foot traffic is low in the industry, marketing your store and telling your story is going to be a winning formula.

Mattress shoppers are willing to wait only two to three weeks for delivery. Something looks off here to me, and I suspect it’s because of bad retail experiences. Two to three weeks seems like a longer time than most consumers would want to wait because today we live in a “microwave” society where we want everything now. But we can change the conversation about it if they expect it to take about that long. 

How about offering next-day delivery? It may take investment in trucks and logistics, but if the word is out, this is an enticing offer to someone who makes a big purchase and can use it almost immediately. 

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The majority of consumers plan to keep their new primary bedroom mattress for five to nine years. On the surface, this isn’t shocking information. However, think about the last time your replaced your mattress. Do you remember? Would you have thought about it if I didn’t ask?

My point is that some people don’t think about that kind of thing on a daily basis. Whereas to us, it’s common knowledge. Get that message across to people to get them thinking about their next purchase. If they have your store in mind when shopping, they will be more likely to come in and test out a few beds. You can also use the life of a mattress as a selling point. If a person buys a $3,000 mattress and keeps it for nine years, they’re paying less per day than a cup of coffee. 

The retail landscape is tough at the moment, but mattress retailers have the knowledge and partners they need to make informed decisions, build tickets and sell more customers. 

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