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Bob Muenkel launches new training website

Bob Muenkel launches new training website

Industry veteran and expert sales trainer Bob Muenkel has officially launched his new website,, where he will feature a variety of in-depth training videos to help retailers and manufacturers succeed. 

He tells Bedding News Now that the site distills over 35 years of industry experience into an easy-to-digest, digital format that is available 24/7. Most in-depth courses will be offered for $100 to $150 per person with handouts, quizzes and certificates for completion. Three courses will launch on the site in the coming days.

  1. “Sleep” is designed to teach retailers how better sleep creates a better life. This science-tested and scientist-approved class is for everyone interested in the essentials of sleep for our health and wellness.  
  2. “The Role of a Mattress in a Good Night’s Sleep” is required learning for every sleep professional, as it teaches the three primary benefits of a perfect mattress: Comfort + Support + Temperature = A Good Night’s Sleep! This class aims to change how you sell mattresses and partner with your clients.
  3. Save your sales and immediately improve your conversion rates by learning how to “Turn NO Into YE$!” This class dissects the customer’s motives and mindsets when a customer first says NO. Learn the best way to handle objections to greatly increase the likelihood of a YE$. 

“The overall theme of the website is answering the ‘how-to’ of mattress sales,” Muenkel says. “The UncleMuenkel library will grow rapidly, adding more courses regularly, hopefully leading to a best-in-class resource for sleep professionals in the mattress industry.” 

Three more video courses are in the works at the moment, and Muenkel says they will be released this summer. 

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