How local mattress stores can thrive after the TSI/Mattress Firm deal goes through

When Tempur-Sealy International dropped the bomb about buying Mattress Firm, I, like most small mattress store owners, felt the chill. The news had most of us reeling, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Some of us more savvy shop owners are getting creative and making moves that could set us up to compete in the TSI-dominant future.

So what’s the playbook for thriving post-merger? I don’t think it’s that different from how many of us have found success to start with. Smaller retailers have something the behemoth doesn’t. It’s called heart.

First, we have homegrown products — we partner with a variety of local manufacturers or have a private label made for us. This allows us to emphasize our locally made products. Customers love supporting local.

Next, we have experience. That’s not just selling experience — it’s the whole deal. When customers walk into our stores, they’re not just a number. They’re part of a story, part of the family. We remember their name, preferences and last purchase — not because we have to, but because we genuinely care.

There’s no corporate script here. Our authenticity is our currency. The advice we give, the products we recommend — they’re all part of our genuine desire to help customers get the best sleep of their lives. We’re not just selling mattresses; we’re selling a better tomorrow, and you can’t put a price tag on that.

We are also a resilient bunch. We’ve weathered economic downturns, market shifts and now, mega-mergers. Every challenge is an opportunity to show just how tough and adaptable we are. We pivot, we adjust and we keep our doors open, our beds comfy and our customers smiling.

Finally, we know personalization is key, so we can tailor the experience. You want a mattress that’s just right for you? We’re on it. We can adjust, recommend and even customize our products until you say it’s perfect. In a world where one-size-fits-all is becoming the norm, we celebrate the individual. Your customer’s sleep is personal, so their shopping experience should be, too.

In conclusion, the TSI-Mattress Firm deal might shake the industry, but it won’t shake us. We’ve got the heart to keep beating strong, to keep offering what the big guys can’t. We’re the local, nimble, friendly face of mattress retail. And we’re here to stay, one personalized, authentic and resilient sale at a time. So, here’s to thriving in a big mattress world — we’ve got this, because we’ve got heart.

Steve Houk

Steve Houk is the owner of Boise Mattress and a co-founder of the Mattress Industry Facebook Group

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One thought on “How local mattress stores can thrive after the TSI/Mattress Firm deal goes through

  1. At Mattress firm our guest are not numbers . We pride are selves on our customer journey , as well as our motto sleep well to live well . We spend countless hours in training on how to make the customer journey better and how to fit our guest to the mattress they “ need “.

    We thrive on our elite customer service and 5 star reviews to keep our sleep experts accountable in living and thriving every day by our motto . Not only that but our products are made here locally in the US as well . It’s in poor taste to discredit competitors, just as we at Mattress Firm build ourselves on integrity and urge our guest to try every brand . This article is a false representation of my company and the hard working team I work along side with every day .

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