Leveraging the power of Linkedin for retail with forward-looking stratagies

In an ever-evolving digital landscape – and tough economic climate — the importance of mobilizing social media platforms for business growth is undeniable. For mattress and furniture retailers, LinkedIn is a powerful — often overlooked — ally.  

LinkedIn company pages provide a unique opportunity for retailers to connect to new audiences they may not have encountered on more consumer-centric platforms. Beyond being a professional networking site, LinkedIn offers a unique space for businesses to communicate brand identity and core values as well as attract top-tier talent through effective recruitment strategies. A thoughtful approach will facilitate brand growth and loyalty, cultivating an employee-driven company culture.

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1.    Leverage the power of storytelling

In the world of social networks, LinkedIn stands out as a robust platform for sharing and discussing ideas. Retailers like Joe and Kelly Charles, owners of the Big Mattress Outlet, use LinkedIn to share company news, crafting a compelling brand narrative around their distinctive business. From introducing new team members to celebrating noteworthy achievements and spotlighting industry updates, the duo employs LinkedIn as a dynamic storytelling tool.

A prime example of their strategy is a recent video unveiling their quest for franchise owner expansion. The power of the video is its authenticity — check it out: Big Mattress Outlet LinkedIn Video.   

Competitive advantage: Tell your best business stories, simply, clearly and with honesty. Of all the furniture and mattress stores in the world, there is none quite like yours. Encourage employee engagement by sharing their milestones and achievements as well.  

2.    Cultivate community engagement

Harness the power of LinkedIn to cultivate an engaged community around your brand. Move beyond routine product updates and dive deeper into the “why” of your business, building camaraderie and meaningful connections.

A stellar example of this community-centric approach is Colder’s Furniture. Many of their posts focus on their philanthropic contributions to both local and national organizations. Recent highlights include collaborative events with Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity, Susan G. Komen and 414 Day in Milwaukee — a fun and engaging way to celebrate their love of Milwaukee.

Competitive Advantage: Stand out by showcasing your community service projects and partnerships with nonprofit organizations. By crafting a narrative that transcends mere business transactions, you will resonate with people who prioritize socially conscious brands.

3.    Craft a cohesive brand narrative

Tepperman’s LinkedIn page is a master class on how to harness the power of the platform. Balancing professionalism with a friendly, excited tone, their posts have garnered thousands of followers.

They share everything from their recent 99th anniversary to the quirky history of the loveseat to their charitable contributions to organizations like Black Boys Code, Habitat for Humanity Windsor-Essex and Canada’s National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Recently recognized as a Great Place to Work in Canada, Tepperman’s success lies in cultivating a community-focused brand voice.

Competitive advantage: Ensure consistency across your LinkedIn content by aligning messaging with your values and mission. Whether through engaging visuals or thoughtfully crafted posts, maintain a unified narrative on the platform to reinforce brand identity and foster trust.

4.    Highlight long-term vendor partnerships

Hudson’s Furniture sets itself apart on LinkedIn by not only sharing philanthropic efforts and job opportunities but also by spotlighting their vendor partnerships and store services. A prime example is their commendation of Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Co. for prioritizing eco-friendly manufacturing.

Through the “One for One” program, Vaughan-Bassett has planted millions of trees in an effort to replace those used in the making of its furniture. As a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, they are steadfast in their commitment to continuous improvement in environmentally responsible furniture production. Their emphasis on sustainable partnerships creates a narrative that resonates beyond their products.

Competitive advantage: Showcase vendor partnerships to foster transparency and communicate a commitment to organizations that align with your core values. By actively showcasing these alliances you can establish a trustworthy and authentic brand image.

5.    Master LinkedIn best practices

For maximum engagement and growth, follow best practices for LinkedIn business pages. Use these techniques to optimize your efforts:

  1. Complete comprehensive page details. Provide in-depth information about your company, ensuring all fields are filled out.
  2. Add page admins wisely. Enhance engagement and growth by adding creative-minded admins who will share content to their personal networks as well.
  3. Maintain updated visuals. Keep your logo and banner images current and aligned with your other social networks.
  4. Create engaging content. Share compelling content at least once a week to captivate and retain your audience’s attention.
  5. Utilize content suggestions. LinkedIn’s AI-driven content suggestions will help diversify your posts and reach a wider audience.
  6. Engage with your audience. Build a robust community by regularly engaging your audience through comments and likes on their contributions.
  7. Post eye-catching visuals. Ensure each update is partnered with visually appealing content, such as video, images and/or infographics.
  8. Craft an engaging call to action. To ensure interaction, each post needs an enticing call to action.
  9. Involve employees. Encourage employee participation by asking for content suggestions and highlighting their input in your posts.
  10. Partner with vendors. Extend involvement to showcase a networked and collaborative industry presence.  

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