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Spring Air’s marketing promotions pay off at retail

Spring Air’s marketing promotions pay off at retail

Spring Air International is emphasizing the importance of promotions at retail, following a successful marketing campaign that resulted in more than 500 dealer visits to its showroom at the winter Las Vegas Market, nearly doubling the company’s previous event record of 276. More than 25% of these retailers were visiting Spring Air for the first time.

One week before the market, Spring Air mailed 6,000 special invitations to retailers across the country, including a scratch-off game piece and a vehicle key. Recipients were required to bring the game piece and key to Spring Air’s showroom to validate their entry and see what they had won. While the grand prize of a new Tesla went unclaimed, multiple dealers scored big with cash prizes ranging from $1,000 to $100 in addition to floor samples.

“Essentially, every ticket was a winner, but you had to come to the showroom to claim the prize,” says Nick Bates, president of Spring Air, “just like consumers do in retail stores when retailers are running promotions to drive door swings. In creating the promotion, we set out to drive more traffic into our space, and the results more than exceeded our expectations. Beyond this, our goal was to generate excitement and interest among our dealers about running similar promotions to drive traffic into their stores. We accomplished that too.” 

Spring Air is currently working with dealers across the country to implement similar consumer-facing promotions, with plans to include geo-targeting and geo-fencing to help dealers connect with shoppers in their specific markets, while maximizing the resources that support these marketing efforts.

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At a time when consumers are increasingly conditioned to respond to sales promotions around major holidays, Bates believes stimulating door clicks regularly is the most meaningful thing a manufacturer can do to help their retail partners drive business.

“An effective campaign doesn’t require giving away a car; it can be as simple as mailing consumers a chance to win a home makeover,” Bates says. “And just as every single mailer we sent to dealers prior to the Las Vegas Market was good for free floor samples if they came in with their game piece, every game piece sent to consumers can include gift cards good for $5 to $25 in the store. It will be up to the dealer if they would like to increase the amounts.”                                        

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