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Symphony Sleep offers accessories to help retailers grow tickets

Symphony Sleep offers accessories to help retailers grow tickets

Symphony Sleep, the residential bedding brand of Innovative Sleep Technologies, will roll out a bevy of accessories for its adjustable base system designed to help retailers easily grow the ticket and repeat customers. The new products will debut at the Las Vegas Market, Jan. 28-31.

From its new 3,600 square-foot showroom at C-1507, Symphony Sleep will unveil seven new accessories engineered to seamlessly fit with any of its adjustable bases. The company takes a modular approach to adjustable bed base design and marketing, increasing its perceived value as an investment in a quality sleep system with distinct functions and benefits rather than a single product purchase.

The new accessories include:

  • The Personal Safety Storage attaches to the base and provides a compartment to store personal items out of sight securely using biometric fingerprint technology for access.
  • The Elevation Kit is a unique and patented accessory that provides all the health and sleep benefits of elevated sleep up to 12 degrees by allowing the sleeper to keep the upper body elevated. Benefits include improved airflow naturally through nasal passages that can reduce snoring and better sleep quality; proper digestion of food that can relieve heartburn caused by acid reflux; and massage function that increases circulation and relaxation.
  • The High-Low Lift Kit allows residential furniture and bedding retailers to offer a high-quality in-home bedding solution that lowers, raises and tilts the bed for assisted care needs.
  • Safety Bars, often sold with the High-Low Lift Kit, are add-ons that provide another level of assistance and safety.
  • Sleep Sense is a sleep tracker and mobile app that collects and provides data such as heart rate, snoring detection and movement frequency during sleep. It can also play music using a Bluetooth-enabled device. The tracker is a mat placed under the mattress.
  • The Underbed Skirt in a matching fabric attaches to corner inserts to give the base a finished foundation look.
  • The Designer Fabric option offers an attractive alternative to the basic cover and can be easily snapped onto the base.

Symphony Sleep also distinguishes itself from other adjustable base suppliers with thoughtful marketing programs and impactful assets for retail partners. In addition to the “What’s Your Sleep Angle?” materials for marketing the elevation kit, Symphony Sleep offers qualifying retailers a Signature Light that attaches to the foot section and shines the Symphony Sleep logo onto the floor to attract attention to the adjustable base which is often covered by a mattress and overlooked.

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“It’s not just about getting a spot on the retail floor. We have designed our products to be a complete lineup that provides value beyond competitive prices. Symphony Sleep can help grow the ticket and win repeat customers with functional accessories that add value for the consumer,” says John Schulte, president of Innovative Sleep Technologies.

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