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AI is changing marketing, and there are tools you can use to improve your efforts

AI is changing marketing, and there are tools you can use to improve your efforts

Smart marketers know they’re storytellers at heart and that content creation is non-negotiable. They also know creating content is time-consuming and never-ending, and any tool that can assist in the process is worth exploring.

According to the University of Pennsylvania, almost 20% of workers already see as much as 50% of their daily tasks impacted by artificial intelligence. While these are early days in the AI world, marketers who experiment now will diversify their skill set and improve efficiency. But as much as AI will help smart marketers, it will hurt lazy marketers.

  • Smart marketers experiment, adopt early and integrate wisely. Lazy marketers skip the experimentation stage and rush to integration too quickly, which can lead to embarrassing and costly mistakes.
  • Smart marketers will use AI as building blocks across text, audio and video, adding in their original points of view, insights and humor. Lazy marketers will cut and paste outputs without improving the writing style and adding in brand personality.
  • Smart marketers are customer-centric and will construct better customer experiences from data, improving both automation and personalization. Lazy marketers will continue to do things the way they’ve always done — because it’s easier.

If you’re interested in exploring the world of AI and learning how it can improve your marketing efforts, these tools may be just what you need.

5 AI marketing tools to improve your marketing efforts

Jasper allows you to create on-brand content faster with a simple, intuitive interface. It’s built on GPT-3 so generating ideas, creating first drafts and editing within the tool means outputs will improve as it learns your brand voice and preferences. It will take some experimenting to fine-tune your prompts but it’s a great tool for sparking creativity and improving efficiency. Pricing starts at $40/month. Learn more:

Predis combines image editing tools, ChatGPT and social scheduling on one platform. With simple prompts, you can generate a branded social media post, complete with image/video/carousel, caption and hashtags and then schedule that content with built-in integration to top social media channels. It’s a great tool for creating brand-consistent social media posts and reducing the creative time needed for text and image generation. Be forewarned that you’ll need to experiment and edit — don’t expect shippable product out of the gate. Pricing starts at $29/month. Learn more:


Zapier automates simple tasks by integrating, automating (simple if/then rules) and customizing critical apps into your workflow. For example, a consumer fills out a form on Facebook, which leads to their contact info being added to your electronic newsletter list, which triggers a personal email. How the consumer responds to each outreach triggers how they’re categorized and communicated to in the future. It can also parse big data and learn from customer feedback, which will improve your marketing and communications. We love it because it reduces time spent on routine tasks, which will allow you to focus on growth. Pricing starts at $19/month. Learn more:

See Also

A trusted voice in the world of search engine optimization, Semrush has integrated AI in the form of an SEO writing assistant. If you’re managing keyword-targeted campaigns, SWA will help you write and improve content that’s targeted to achieve results in search. It integrates with Google Docs, WordPress or MS Word 365 and allows you to edit and optimize your content where you’re most comfortable. We love that it leverages real-time data that will help you improve as you go. A great addition to any blogger or SEO’s toolkit. Pricing starts at $120/month. Learn more:

A marketer who understands their data makes more informed decisions, which improves performance, saving time and money. Adverity provides a single-pane view into your marketing analytics, surfacing trends and insights with prebuilt connectors and no-code templates. Data governance ensures data quality and completeness from a single place. From sales to finance, advertising to marketing, we love how it seamlessly blends disparate datasets and creates a single source of truth. Pricing starts at $500/month. Learn more:

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