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Cotton Incorporated introduces RESTech Cotton sheets

Cotton Incorporated introduces RESTech Cotton sheets

Cotton Incorporated introduces RESTech COTTON™ technology, a performance sheeting solution that blends cool comfort, exceptional durability, gentle softness, and a focus on sustainability.

By merging innovative design with advanced chemistry, RESTech COTTON™ technology not only takes a significant step forward in cotton bedding, but also addresses key challenges like durability, moisture management, and sustainability, setting a new standard for bedding expectations.

Developed to be up to 40% softer than untreated cotton sheets[1], this technology brings an enhanced sense of comfort to your sleep experience.

“With our RESTech COTTON™ technology, we’ve captured the timeless comfort of cotton and enhanced it with modern innovation, redefining the possibilities of a good night’s sleep,” says Jennifer Lukowiak, director, supply chain marketing, for Cotton Incorporated. “This technology is a perfect choice for those seeking not just better sleep but a more sustainable one. It’s another proud milestone in our continuous effort to promote the natural excellence of cotton.”

RESTech COTTON™ technology isn’t just about comfort and durability, it’s also a mindful choice for the environment. Crafted from 100% natural fibers, this technology is both biodegradable[2] and recyclable[3]. It aligns with the growing consumer demand for sustainable products offering a sleep experience that is not only comfortable but also conscientious.

“RESTech COTTON™ technology takes the best attributes of cotton and cotton finishes to create a unique, durable product with non-fluorine technology,” notes Hongqing (Mike) Shen, Ph.D., vice president and managing director of product development and implementation for Cotton Incorporated. “It allows sheets to hold less moisture, dry more quickly, maintains remarkable softness and comfort. This combination makes it a triple threat.”

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Cotton Incorporated RESTech COTTON™ technology combines innovative design and chemistry to provide:

  • Cool comfort for hot sleepers: Enhanced moisture management and natural thermo-regulating properties of cotton, drying up to 50% faster than rayon on the skin
  • Built to last: Superior durability that surpasses polyester and rayon ensuring lasting quality.
  • Exceptional softness: Offering a gentle touch that’s up to 40% softer than untreated cotton sheets, transforming sleep into a luxurious experience.
  • Natural comfort: Crafted from natural fibers, capturing the timeless comfort of 100% cotton without the use of plastics.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic: A gentle, hypoallergenic fiber suitable for those with skin sensitivities, adding to the overall comfort.

Information on RESTech COTTON™ technology will be available at the New York Home Fashion Market in September 2023, or more details found at

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