Inside the acquisition of US Mattress

Three weeks ago, American Mattress purchased US Mattress, a move that American Mattress owner Mike Kenna says will expand the company’s footprint both online and off. 

American Mattress has 70 — soon to be 71— locations between Chicagoland, Indianapolis and Florida, where a third location will open in two weeks. The acquisition adds 20 more stores in the Midwest.

“We’re going to change the name of the 20 locations over to American Mattress and still keep the US Mattress website while expanding the footprint of the stores in the Michigan market,” says Kenna. “Our values are aligned with their values, so it made a lot of sense to grow in that market.

He says while US Mattress had a great online business, American Mattress focused more on brick-and-mortar. Merging the two companies will expand the company’s footprint in terms of where they want to open new locations.

Kenna says previous US Mattress owner Richard Winkler stayed on during the transition to offer guidance on e-commerce, but he will leave his day-to-day post and act as a consultant now that the deal has gone through.

There were 28 US Mattress locations at its peak, and Winkler closed eight within the last year before selling to Kenna. 

As for the employees in the stores, Kenna says he wants to retain their talent.

“There are a lot of good people there and we want to obviously retain those solid people,” he explains. “Our pay plan is richer than what he currently had, and talented people will be able to make as much if not more than what they were making before. Our plans are to keep growing.”

Alex Milstein

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3 thoughts on “Inside the acquisition of US Mattress

  1. So happy to work with the new company. The work ethic and dedication to customer satisfaction is unmatched in this area. We will bring a new standard of customer satisfaction to southeast Michigan.

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