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Ekornes enters North American bedding category with Stressless mattress

Ekornes enters North American bedding category with Stressless mattress

Ekornes, a Norwegian furniture producer known for its high-quality, innovative and luxurious recliners and furniture, has entered the North American mattress category with the launch of the first Stressless mattress: Stressless Sky.

Ekornes has been producing premium quality furniture for almost a century, including mattresses since 1937.

“At Ekornes we are not new to the mattress category, says Peter Bjerregaard, president, Ekornes Inc. “We’ve been producing mattresses since 1937 and have a deep understanding of the factors that account for good sleep and why it is essential for a healthy life. We have
combined our extensive sleep insights with the Nordic lifestyle which promotes good health in harmony with nature to create the Stressless Sky. We are very excited to introduce it to our dealers in High Point.”

The secret to a good night’s sleep

“Stressless Sky is constructed from three separated mattress layers, with in-house-developed proprietary foam and compressed pocket spring technology,” says Hunter Bigham, sales director. “At the core of the mattress, our AdaptiveZone technology provides excellent support for spine alignment while cradling shoulders and hips. Along with excellent ventilating properties, the mattress is designed to promote even temperature regulation, helping to prevent sleep disturbances caused by overheating or sweating. The NordicSoft foam
incorporated in the three separated layers, provides unparalleled comfort and support. Stressless Sky is truly a work of years of innovation.”

Customized comfort

Layer-on-layer: Customize your comfort with zip on-zip off personalization. Stressless Sky will be available to customize with layers of plush padding, foam and pocket springs to ensure the ultimate support for a good night’s rest.

“With a modular design, it’s easy to add or remove layers to achieve the perfect level of comfort desired,” says Bigham. “The Cloud layer and the Plush layer – two of the mattress’s modular components – are exclusive to Ekornes and made in Norway, ensuring that customers receive a product that is truly luxurious and one-of-a-kind.”

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The entire mattress, including the layers, can be transported easily in convenient boxes that fit in a car.

Norwegian quality of life

“We are proud of our Norwegian heritage which is not only reflected in the product development of Stressless Sky but also in all of the communications and merchandising associated with our new program,” says Beverly Kastel, marketing director. “The Norwegian way of life brings an appreciation for the undisturbed, natural things in life and there is nothing more natural than providing your body with the sleep it requires. Our entire brand is built on comfort, and Stressless Sky delivers on that promise just as well as our long line of Stressless recliners and sofas have for decades.”

Stressless Sky queen-size pricing will start at $3,995 MRP.

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