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Patrick Wolf joins Avocado Green Brands

Patrick Wolf joins Avocado Green Brands

Bedding News Now has learned that industry veteran Patrick Wolf, formerly of Diamond Mattress, has joined Avocado Green Brands as senior vice president of sales. 

Patrick Wolf

Starting at the beginning of June, he says the decision to leave Diamond was tough, but he’s looking forward to his new journey with the eco-conscious company.

“I’ve watched their growth, and it always had me curious,” Wolf tells Bedding News Now about Avocado. “They have been dynamic, and they are one of the most exciting and fastest-growing brands in the industry. They have built great brand recognition, and we have big plans to move out to what we call our strategic partners — brick-and-mortar retailers — and expand the brand presence.”

In his new role, Wolf will work on growing and developing the sales team. Avocado is going to make a big transition from direct-to-consumer to brick-and-mortar, he says, which is new for the company. Wolf will play a key part in making sure everyone in the company understands how things work in physical stores.   

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“This is going to be our biggest growth opportunity so ensuring the sales team understands brick-and-mortar retailers and how they operate will be important,” Wolf says. “We will bring new relationships to the table and put processes and best practices in place around that strategic brick-and-mortar growth.”

Another key aspect of the company’s growth is an upcoming World Market Center showroom for Las Vegas Market. Wolf says Avocado is working on securing a space and aims to have it open at one of the two Las Vegas Markets in 2025. 

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