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DreamFit returns to High Point to introduce custom sheet program for American Leather

DreamFit returns to High Point to introduce custom sheet program for American Leather

DreamFit will return to the High Point Market this spring and introduce a new custom-made sheet program for American Leather’s sofa-sleepers. DreamFit will show the premium top-of-bed line in the American Leather showroom in Showplace 5000. 

The new products expand DreamFit’s existing line of bestselling Enhanced Bamboo sheet sets with more than 25 SKUS designed to specifically fit multiple styles of American Leather sleepers. Available in one color — white — and in multiple sizes, the collection will eventually expand to include mattress protectors for the sleepers as well.

DreamFit produces the sheets domestically in Alabama, following the company’s tradition of domestic manufacturing and working with manufacturers to provide tailor-made solutions. In High Point, the sheets will be showcased on multiple American Leather sleepers to demonstrate how its patented no-slip silicone corner bands fit the mattresses and around foot boards on certain models. Suggested retail for a queen-size sheet set is $299.97.

Described as an exciting collaboration between two American brands who are best-in-class in their categories, “This partnership brings together Dreamfit’s expertise in high-quality bedding with American Leather’s innovative sleeper designs, ensuring a perfect fit and enhanced sleep experience,” says Taylar Hoffman, product director of American Leather. 

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“The launch of Dreamfit’s fitted and flat sheets, specifically designed for our Comfort Sleeper, Comfort Silver Sleeper and Today Sleeper, marks a significant advancement in sleep comfort and customization” she adds. “By tailoring their products to our specific models, we address a common issue of finding suitable bedding for unique sleeper-sofas, providing a seamless solution that promotes better sleep quality and convenience.”

“We are excited to introduce the DreamFit brand to American Leather’s customer base and for our return to the High Point Market,” says Chris Taheny, senior vice president of sales of DreamFit. “Along with the dressed sleeper-sofas, DreamFit is installing a free-standing product display, emulating its retail environments in mattress and furniture stores across the country. The display will include fabric swatches and sample buns, along with the kind of high-level marketing collateral that dealers have come to expect.” 

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