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Naturepedic debuts first-ever EWG Verified mattress

Naturepedic debuts first-ever EWG Verified mattress

The Environmental Working Group is reshaping the landscape of mattress manufacturing by introducing a collection of 26 mattresses that meet stringent criteria for health, ingredient disclosure and transparency. These Naturepedic mattresses bear the EWG VERIFIED® mark, setting a new benchmark for mattress makers.

Naturepedic is the first mattress brand to meet EWG’s rigorous criteria, underscoring its commitment to health and ingredient transparency.

“This is an important milestone for EWG, Naturepedic and the mattress industry,” says EWG President Ken Cook. “We’re setting a new standard for mattresses. This new category of EWG VERIFIED products represents a new era in mattress safety, giving consumers peace of mind and empowering individuals and families to make informed purchasing decisions.

“Earning the EWG VERIFIED mark isn’t easy. The criteria for our mark are demanding, as anyone familiar with our exacting standards can attest. We’re excited to bring the same level of scrutiny to mattresses that we’ve already done with personal care products, cleaners and diapers,” he adds.

For adults, who spend nearly nine hours a day sleeping, on average, the potential harm is significant. When time relaxing in bed is also counted, it adds up to a significant portion of our lives. Babies spend most of their time in a crib. Newborns sleep on average more than 13 hours a day, and toddlers sleep as much as 12 hours. Even during wakeful periods, babies may spend additional hours in their cribs, such as at daycare facilities. And many crib mattresses contain harmful chemicals that pose a potential risk to the baby’s well-being.

“Naturepedic is proud to debut the world’s first EWG VERIFIED mattress,” says Naturepedic founder and technical director, Barry Cik. “Today’s consumers are discerning and seek more from the products they purchase. They want assurances about product ingredients and how they’re manufactured. Naturepedic is at the forefront, understanding and meeting the evolving demands of consumers by offering mattresses that meet the highest standards for health.”

Why most mattresses are problematic

Most mattresses contain and release chemicals that can compromise a home’s air quality and expose people to chemicals that pose health risks. From petroleum-based compounds to foam, plastics and flame retardants like fiberglass, most mattresses lack adequate safety evaluations, despite prolonged contact with our bodies.

Manufacturers aren’t required to disclose all the materials used in their mattresses, leaving consumers unsure about potential health risks.

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, emitted by polyurethane foam used to make mattresses can cause respiratory irritation, asthma symptoms and long-term health risks.

Exposure to mattresses treated with harmful flame retardants, often undisclosed, may lead to hormone disruption and cancer because of harmful chemicals like antimony, a cancer-causing heavy metal. 

And some manufacturers’ mattresses include “fragrance,” a mystery blend of any of more than thousands of chemicals. Fragrance can be used to camouflage odors created during production. Some chemicals in these scent mixtures can cause allergic reactions and sometimes contain hormone-disrupting phthalates

EWG VERIFIED: Mattresses

For more than two decades, EWG has provided chemical hazard evaluations and practical suggestions to help consumers protect themselves from exposure to potentially harmful substances in everyday products. EWG VERIFIED standards and criteria are backed by science and developed after painstaking scrutiny by EWG’s team of researchers and toxicologists.

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The EWG VERIFIED mark on a product signals to consumers that a brand has gone above and beyond inadequate regulations, prioritizing full ingredient transparency, avoiding harmful chemicals and adhering to stringent safety standards. By shedding light on every mattress component, ensuring no hidden or undisclosed hazards, the mark empowers consumers to make informed decisions.

In the absence of modern safety standards for mattresses, EWG VERIFIED: Mattresses fills a crucial gap, providing consumers with trusted, healthier options.

EWG VERIFIED mattresses must be:

  • Made with transparency, publicly disclosing all ingredients and materials used.
  • Made with safer product materials and lower-emitting VOCs.
  • Prohibited from using harmful chemical flame retardants and fiberglass. 
  • Prohibited from using PVCs and the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS..

California takes a stand

In 2023, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law a ban on the sale of mattresses and upholstered furniture containing fiberglass, a harmful fire retardant. Sponsored by EWG, with bipartisan support, this law ensures consumer protection from fiberglass exposure, safeguarding skin, eyes and lungs.

Some other states have also banned chemical flame retardants because of the potential harm they pose to the reproductive and nervous systems.

In addition to looking for the EWG VERIFIED mark on product packaging, consumers can search for products and ingredients using our consumer databases and the Healthy Living app. EWG’s goal is for all products available in the marketplace to be made without harmful chemicals, so that every consumer’s purchasing decisions can finally be stress-free.

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