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6 brands to make Las Vegas debut in the SSA Sleep Pavilion

6 brands to make Las Vegas debut in the SSA Sleep Pavilion

The Specialty Sleep Association Sleep Pavilion on the 15th floor of C Building in Las Vegas is a place to see what is new in the sleep industry — whether it be from companies and brands making their rookie appearance or from seasoned veterans showing off their innovative sleep solutions. And at the upcoming Las Vegas Market, six new brands will make their debut.

“We have some very exciting new brands showing this market, you don’t want to miss these guys!” says SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones. “To make it fun, we’re giving buyers a chance at $50 cash when they get their badge scanned at the door.  If you sell sleep, we want to see you in our showroom.”

A mattress on a bed

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Holme Valley, presenting British-crafted, natural wool, rolled mattresses, combining the latest technology with locally sourced natural wool aims to make sleep luxury affordable for everyone. Holme Valley wool is only found in their mattresses and provides unrivalled comfort and all-season natural warming and cooling for an exceptional night’s sleep.

Their hand-crafted, dual-sided construction means double the durability so you can enjoy blissful sleep for many years with a reassuringly durable Holme Valley mattress. This January you will see “Set 2 Dog,” their luxurious rolled mattresses featuring individually nested pocket springs, latex.

“Hollowgate 9” is their Hollowgate mattress which makes better, natural sleep affordable to everyone.  Their “Summervale” mattress features 5000 individually nested pocket “springs, silky latex and topped off with luxurious Holme Valley Wool.  Stop in and see their beautifully appointed space – you won’t want to miss it.

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Hush sells a large variety of bedding products. Its top sellers are the iced cooling sheets, pillows and mattresses. The iced sheets are now the most reviewed sheets in all of Canada. Most of the products have cooling or body temperature regulating effects, and they’ll be pushing those products the most at their showroom space.

Simply Solid Bedrooms will be offering 2 RTA bedroom furniture collections designed specifically for the e-comm boxed bed distribution channel. Engineered to meet UPS and FedEx shipping requirements the RTA system used has a patent pending assembly process, taking about 1/3rd the time of other RTA products.

The collection will be offered in two finishes, champagne and bourbon. Construction is solid pine, as opposed to traditional RTA chip core products. Once assembled, the furniture can withstand multiple moves and will last indefinitely. In addition to e-commerce, this product is a great “take with” after sale to a brick-and-mortar mattress purchase.

A stack of white sheets

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SOMÉ, a luxury sleep tech brand, will be showing their award-winning temperature-regulating sheets. Recognized by the Good Housekeeping Best Bedding Awards 2023 and other prestigious accolades, SOMÉ brings forth revolutionary luxury sheet technology and will be introducing an opening price point range at this market.

Turmerry is debuting its special lineup of natural and organic bedding collections for wholesale endeavors. Brought into humble existence by a mom from North Carolina, Turmerry is fueled by the desire to make sustainable, affordable, and healthier bedroom decor a reality. With GOLS- and FSC-certified organic latex, Turmerry has crafted innovations such as the plush all-foam Natural and Organic Adjustable Latex Mattress, the wonderfully bouncy Latex Hybrid Mattress, the pressure-relieving Egg Crate Mattress, and the mattress-freshening Latex Mattress Topper. 

These offerings, along with a collection of natural pillows, are sourced from eco-friendly materials, crafted with precise care, overlooked by a dedicated team, and have continued to thrive over the past three years. Durability, breathability, customizability, cushioning, support, and Grade-A quality are a few of the core features that Turmerry puts into each of its goods. As natural bedding continues to gain ground within the industry, Turmerry seeks to enthrall its customers with pure comfort and its partners with genuine convenience.

ZG Bed

ZG Bed will be bringing its ZERO GRAVITY Sleep System to C1565 for the first time.  Owner and developer Rick Wheeler has used his 40 years of experience creating therapy and ADA products to create a bed which he says will alleviate pain and provide a restful and therapeutic experience for his customers.

Mattresses you see in stores are compression-based, but the ZG Bed is the only Levitation bed and is engineered specifically to address pain problems. It is the only bed that uses Crystal-Gel Liquid core technology and Zero Gravity to attack traditional bed-causing pain. 

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“Our ZG Sleep System is truly unique in its foundation of floating,” says Wheeler. “Using materials never before seen in the bed industry and drawing upon our team’s vast knowledge of manufacturing, we created a new class of bed that is unlike any other. The Sofelast cover, a flexible membrane that lies between you and the Fiber-Gel solution, conforms perfectly to your body, providing even support and relief in any position. And with our non-roll off edge and individually controlled temperature system, you can rest easy knowing that every aspect of your comfort has been taken into consideration.” 

Showroom veterans are also bringing big things to January market, like:

  • At winter market, Naturepedic will be showcasing just-launched accessories like the Organic Side Sleeper Pillow and Organic Pet Bed. They will also have classic favorites including the certified organic Chorus, Serenade and Concerto mattresses (that are highly competitive in a retail store) and award-winning, certified organic baby and kids’ mattresses, all handcrafted in the USA with premium domestic and global materials.
  • Eurolux Living will offer a collection of new models with luxury details of Cashmere, Silk, Mohair, Swiss Thermoregulating Comfort Technology called Viscotermic, the latest in European highly-engineered fibers offering superior contouring technology called Avent 02.
  • Farm to furniture, TFSleep brings sustainable furniture & bedding that is custom crafted naturally, with style and comfort, fossil fuel free. Private & White label programs available and designed for you including mattresses, top of bed, cushions, and sofas
  • Elevate Your Sleep Experience with Electropedic in Las Vegas. Experience unparalleled comfort and support with Electropedic’s cutting-edge adjustable beds, memory foam mattresses, and pillows. They are bringing the science of sleep to the heart of the Entertainment Capital, Las Vegas, ensuring you rest and recharge like never before.
  • Williams Co Mattress will be exhibiting itsbest-selling Luxury Hybrid and Luxury Organic mattresses, each with a zippable cover, dual core option and single layer replacement. The Hybrid Collection, with natural quilting fibers, and copper-infused memory foam, and the Organic Collection, with GOTS and GOLS-certified materials, and luxurious and abundant quilting methods, pave the way for sustainable luxury mattresses. By offering interchangeable layers and firmness customization, returns and exchanges are eliminated. Williams Co. is revolutionizing showroom offerings, providing luxurious comfort and pressure relief, using organic and natural materials.
  • SONU has recently launched and will be showing the hybrid version of its patented sleep system. With a layer of high-quality pocketed coils, the SONU Hybrid adds the option of additional airflow and bounce to their line of mattresses. The company has also launched into retail channels and is expanding distribution to include partnerships, comprehensive product and sales training, both virtual and in the field, along with competitive margins for retailers.
A person sitting on a mattress

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  • Sleeptone Home ensures that customers fall asleep with a smile and wake up feeling relaxed, providing both affordable luxury comfort and bedding essentials at promotional price points. Mattresses, bed sheets, pillows, bed bases, and a wide array of other bedding products. Exceptional product offerings and rigorous quality-control allows us to partner with Fortune 500 companies. A 210,000-square-foot warehouse with state of the art systems in place, makes a same-day shipping program possible. Sleeptone brings true value to people that dream of comfort, quality, and a touch of luxury.
A bed with white sheets and boxes on top of it

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  • Cariloha is introducing its Retreat Bamboo Lyocell Sheets and invites you to feel the difference of soft, sustainable bedding, bath, & apparel made from their full line of Bamboo Viscose products.
  • Rounding out the mattress offerings in the room is I Love Mattress, which is showing its Out Cold Renew Mattress collection featuring three new proprietary memory foams.
I Love Mattress

New Top-of-Bed products include:

  • I Love Pillow is showing Luna Lux Sleep, a new luxury brand pillow, featuring Lux Dual Climate fabrics with I Fit design and SMART Core support technology. Building on the success of the Cool Fit Athleisure brand is the new Airtex and Hybrid sleep core technologies. Gel Cloud is a new pillow with certified recycled fibers and cotton fabric. It has also expanded its collections with a custom kid’s size contour pillow.
  • Electropedic is excited to present its newest innovation at the 2024 Las Vegas Market: the CO₂ Memory Foam. This pioneering product showcases our dedication to both environmental sustainability and comfort in the realm of sleep technology.
  • Blue Ridge Home Fashions is the official licensee of top legacy brands Martha Stewart®, Serta®, Beautyrest® and Kathy Ireland®.  BRHF will be debuting EternaCool®, cool-to-the-touch pillow, comforter, and mattress pad program this market.  BRHF will also be featuring two additional brands. Farm to Home® offering affordable, authentic, and accessible organic home textile products and 37.5® technology powered by Cocona® which creates a more comfortable sleep environment by delaying the onset of liquid sweat, drying faster, increasing comfort, and helping control odor.  (
  • Boccuzzi Home returns to Vegas for winter market 2024 featuring its luxury line of 100% natural cotton, non-slip mattress covers, mattress protectors and pillow protectors and Italian luxury sheets.
  • With exquisite detail and attention-grabbing packaging, Boccuzzi Home products have been enjoyed exclusively in some of Europe’s finest hotels. The most recent offering, Boccuzzi’s 600 thread count sateen sheets, are proving to be the softest, smoothest, most luxurious sheets to hit the US specialty sleep market.  The master fabric craftspeople at Boccuzzi Home have developed breathable, moisture-wicking, and durable sheets that come in a variety of colors, are wrinkle-resistant and machine washable.  Elegant and handmade, they are the perfect complement to their line of innovative mattress covers and protectors. Nothing is ever mass-produced, Boccuzzi Home manages all its manufacturing in Puglia, Italy. 
  • Boccuzzi has been part of the movement toward sustainable cotton products since long before it came into vogue. Harry Goodman, managing Boccuzzi Home USA operations, commented that “Boccuzzi products are of the highest quality, integrity, and authenticity, and with such timeless, deep-rooted Italian sensibilities, we are confident that our US product line will deliver great and sustaining success for the brand and our partners.”
  • There is exciting news from Sleep & Beyond who are unveiling their latest game-changer – the GOTS-certified zippered organic cotton waterproof mattress encasement and pillow protectors. Engineered for supreme comfort and fortified with sustainability, these protectors create an impenetrable shield against allergens, bed bugs, stains, leaks, and other incidents. 
  • HoSTTech, the new material for furniture, is available to change the industry and save you money, effort, carbon emissions, and landfill space, as it increases productivity and durability. Developed at MIT, this material, made of engineered cellulose fibers, is lighter, stronger, compressible and 100% biodegradable. The furniture industry has used the same materials for decades, wood, metal, coils, and elastics. HoSTTech is here to make the manufacturing process simpler and faster since it takes 50% less time to manufacture a 3-seater sofa using HoSTTech versus the traditional materials.

    HoSTTech, inspired by nature’s Honeycombs, is compressible, before and even as a finished product, which translates into 1/3 of the space needed for material and finished product storage. And when it comes to shipping, you can fit 3x more sofas in a 40′ container.

For more information on the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA)  Showroom C-1565, or Membership, contact Tambra Jones , SSA Executive Director at:;

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