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Spring Air renews licensing partnership with Indonesia-based Massindo Group

Spring Air renews licensing partnership with Indonesia-based Massindo Group

Spring Air International is renewing its second global licensing extension this month, this time with Indonesia’s Massindo Group for another 10 years. Massindo Group and Spring Air have now been in partnership for more than 23 years.

“Massindo Group Indonesia first embarked on its licensing journey with Spring Air International in 2000, and we take great pride in being among the pioneers of Spring Air’s international licensees, notably the first in Asia,” said President Director Jeffri Massie. “We are proud to be in partnership with a brand recognized for its extensive legacy, vast global network and innovative products.”

Since the start of their partnership more than two decades ago, Spring Air has become the leading mattress brand in the premium and ultra-premium segment in Indonesia. The mattresses are featured in the region, including the Ritz Carlton, the Marriott Renaissance, the Marriott Courtyard, the Hilton, the Intercontinental, among others.

Spring Air President Nick Bates with Jeffri Massie, president and director of Indonesia’s Massindo Group.

“Together, we’ve woven a legacy of innovation and excellence in the world of mattress manufacturing, creating a lasting impact on the industry in Indonesia,” said Spring Air President Nick Bates. “Earlier this month, we renewed a licensing agreement with Comfort World in Sri Lanka for another 10 years as well. As we have seen internationally and even here in the U.S., our successful licensing model and the trusted Spring Air brand results in our licensees wanting to expand and extend their relationships because this is a profitable investment for their businesses.”

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Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia and established in 1983, Massindo Group is a leading mattress producer in Indonesia. As a family-owned company, Massindo Group is motivated to “increase the family quality of life in society” by delivering sleep products that meet the highest standards of excellence. Massindo Group operates 20 facilities dedicated to producing and distributing a wide range of mattress brands, including Spring Air, other renowned brands, and their in-house brand, COMFORTA. Its products are sold through more than 1,500 dealers, top modern market chains, hundreds of consumer exhibitions every year and online marketplaces. 

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