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Living Spaces, Diamond partner for launch of smart-bed tech

Living Spaces, Diamond partner for launch of smart-bed tech

Diamond Mattress is expecting another strong new product launch with a Top 100 furniture retailer with the recent debut of Living Spaces’ first smart bed, Adaptive Sleep. Officials from both companies say the early results are positive.

Living Spaces partnered with Diamond Mattress on this state-of-the-art mattress that offers integrated body-sensing technology with mobile app-enabled features to enhance sleep quality using personal sleep data throughout the night. The mattress can be sold as a sleep system with an adjustable base for more customized comfort.

California-based Living Spaces has floored the innovative mattress since early October in 37 stores, and a company official said their guests are “excited to experience an alternative option to Sleep Number” as well as “the uncompromised support and personalized comfort.”

The Living Spaces official added that they have high expectations based on the positive sales so far along with average ticket prices above $5,000. Retail price for the Adaptive Sleep queen mattress only is $4,395.

“Everything we do revolves around building a successful product at retail, and that begins with a deeper understanding of what the end consumer needs. We are students of sleep at Diamond so that we can bring innovations like this and provide life-changing sleep to more people,” says Shaun Pennington, Diamond CEO.

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Adaptive Sleep takes advantage of patented smart-cell, body-sensing technology in the mattress contains eight independently controlled zones and uses thousands of algorithms to provide a personalized combination of comfort to ease you into sleep and gently wake you up refreshed. It includes a mobile phone application for fine-tuning the sleep experience to suit your daily needs.

Living Spaces and Diamond Mattress have been partners since 2003. The retailer, with 38 locations across eight states west of the Mississippi, ranks No. 33 on Home News Now’s list of Top 125 furniture and bedding retailers.

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