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Purple Innovation partners with Bedhead Marketing

Purple Innovation partners with Bedhead Marketing

Purple Innovation has partnered with Bedhead Marketing, a leading authority in learning and development solutions specific to the sleep category. This collaboration aims to deepen retail sales associates’ expertise regarding Purple’s innovative sleep technologies, with a focus on the proprietary GelFlex Grid.

Bedhead Marketing, known for its experience and robust history in the development of training curriculum that resonates with retail sales associates, will design and implement initiatives to educate and engage retail sales associates. These programs will empower retailers’ sales teams with in-depth knowledge about Purple’s product offerings.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Bedhead Marketing to enhance the ability of our retail partners’ sales teams in showcasing the transformative qualities of Purple’s sleep technologies,” says Mason Stephens, vice president and head of wholesale at Purple Innovation. “We know that our product is unique among mattress offerings, and this collaboration allows us to ensure that sales associates are involved in Purple’s innovative approach and connected to the benefits it provides.”

Bedhead Marketing will leverage its proven methodologies to create engaging training modules, workshops and resources that cater to the diverse learning styles of retail sales associates. The goal is to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of Purple’s product range, enabling associates to effectively convey the benefits of the GelFlex Grid to potential customers.

“We are honored to partner with Purple, a brand synonymous with innovation and quality in the sleep industry,” says Brandon Bain, CEO at Bedhead Marketing. “Our team is committed to developing impactful learning experiences that will empower retail sales associates to not only understand the technology behind Purple’s amazing products, but also articulate the unique value proposition to customers.”

This collaboration represents a significant step toward strengthening Purple’s retail presence and ensuring that customers receive expert guidance when making informed decisions about their sleep investments.

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