Embracing bedding trends and fads: A blueprint for business success

Today more than ever, businesses must remain agile to keep up with shifting consumer preferences. The bedding industry is no exception, and embracing these trends not only benefits your business but also fosters customer loyalty. 

Much like waves in the ocean, bedding trends and fads continually reshape customer preferences. These trends encompass various aspects, from materials and designs to sustainability and technology. Adapting to these shifts can be the key to thriving in the market. 

Nectar’s approach to customer acquisition is a prime example of understanding and capitalizing on bedding trends. Despite a seemingly high customer acquisition cost (around $300 for a $799 mattress), Nectar sweetens the deal by including free shipping and a bedding bundle.

This approach recognizes that modern consumers seek value beyond the product itself. By offering more than just a mattress, Nectar appeals to customers’ desires for convenience and affordability, highlighting the necessity of adapting to changing consumer expectations. 

Examples of bedding trends:

1. Sustainable materials. Today’s consumers are increasingly environmentally conscious. Embracing trends like using sustainable and eco-friendly materials in bedding products not only attracts this demographic but also contributes to a greener future. 

2. Smart bedding. In an age of smart homes, customers desire bedding with integrated technology. This includes adjustable beds, temperature-regulating sheets and sleep-tracking capabilities. Offering such products enhances sleep quality and convenience. 

3. Online-only models. Recognizing the price-conscious shopper, businesses can create online-only models with competitive pricing. This appeals to customers who prioritize affordability and the convenience of online shopping. 

4. Double-sided mattresses. The resurgence of double-sided mattresses reflects a trend toward longevity and value. These mattresses can be flipped to extend their lifespan, aligning with consumers’ desires for durability and sustainability. 

5. Firmer beds for plus-size customers. Catering to diverse needs is crucial. Trends in creating firmer mattresses designed for plus-size customers demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and comfort for all. 

6. Cooling technology. As temperatures rise, cooling technology in bedding becomes increasingly popular. Products like cooling gel-infused memory foam and breathable fabrics provide comfort, particularly for hot sleepers. 

Brick-and-mortar stores remain influential, offering a tangible experience and adaptability to trends. These stores provide in-person demonstrations, personalized assistance, and immediate access to products, enhancing the customer experience. Moreover, physical stores can adjust pricing and commission rates, offering better value and transparent pricing to set the business apart. 

To leverage these trends effectively, invest in innovative marketing strategies. Utilize paid local clicks to target local customers and capitalize on the trend of supporting local businesses. Implement referral programs, where satisfied customers become brand advocates, driving new business through word of mouth. 

Embracing bedding trends and fads is about thriving and setting your business apart. Nectar’s approach illustrates how customer acquisition costs can be offset by offering value beyond the product itself.

As brick-and-mortar stores, you have the unique ability to connect with customers on a personal level and adjust strategies to changing preferences. By adapting pricing, commission rates and marketing efforts, you can compete effectively, creating a win-win situation for both your business and customers.

In the dynamic world of bedding, those who ride the waves of trends and fads will not only survive but thrive. This approach raises awareness and fosters customer loyalty that lasts a lifetime. Embrace these trends and watch your business flourish in the ever-evolving bedding market.

Lawrence Heilers

Lawrence Heilers is the owner of Texan Mattress, a fast-growing franchise group of specialty retail mattress stores in Texas with eight franchise locations.

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