Spring Air dealer survey shows bigger isn’t always better

Mattress height may be getting too tall for many Americans according to a recent survey by Top 20 bedding manufacturer Spring Air International. The licensee network recently surveyed 50 of its top dealers across the country on a variety of mattress construction topics that revealed height was a growing concern for many consumers.

Respondents said consumers are not necessarily equating luxury with mattress height as many manufacturers believe.

Nick Bates

“The most important insight we learned in our most recent round, is that consumers believe the industry has actually gone a little overboard in terms of mattress height, particularly at the higher end of the market, where taller mattresses have long been perceived as offering more comfort,” says Spring Air International President Nick Bates. “There’s no doubt people very much want quality products, but the feedback we’re getting from our dealers and their customers is that older shoppers in particular want the height of their mattresses to be realistic and practical for their lifestyles.”  

“Typically, consumers who can afford to buy higher-priced mattresses are older adults, a demographic largely comprised of shoppers 45- to 70-year-olds. For someone in that age group, getting in and out of a bed that is 19 inches tall can look and feel like scaling a skyscraper,” Bates says. “We learned a lot from the survey, and we are now setting a maximum height of no more than 16.5-inches in all of our new product designs moving forward. We believe this will lead to an acceleration of sales as we will be more closely catering to the needs and desires of a key demographic group.”

Spring Air launched its survey to gauge dealer satisfaction and encourage feedback as part of its continuous product improvement strategy and to stay in tune with dealer needs.

 “We are constantly seeking feedback from both our licensees and our dealers to help us finetune, update and innovate,” Bates adds. “We seek their opinions and ideas because good just isn’t good enough for Spring Air, and in this survey, we learned that bigger isn’t always better either.”

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