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BIA’s ‘Fab 5’ strategy boosts under $1,000 mattress sales

BIA’s ‘Fab 5’ strategy boosts under $1,000 mattress sales

When independent retailer Super Store added Bedding Industries of America’s Eclipse MyComfort “Fabulous 5” lineup a few months ago, it quickly bolstered the chain’s sales of under $1,000 mattress sales.  

“We were looking to strengthen our under $1,000 price point offerings in our three stores,” says Doug Whitaker, Super Store general manager. “What makes the series so great is the easy selling presentation for our staff – both new and experienced. It is a simple concept that lets us utilize our RSAs time efficiently – especially during busy holiday weekends.”

For customers visiting a Super Store, RSAs are tasked with first qualifying what the consumer is looking for in a mattress and the price they want to pay.

 “Many consumers are looking for mattresses under $1,000 that feel luxurious. This series does exactly that,” Whitaker adds. “Moreover, many consumers aren’t even sure exactly what feel they are looking for. They either like the mattress they currently have, or they don’t. This series eliminates any confusion or stress from interested customers looking for that ‘just right’ feel because if one model doesn’t meet their need, we move them to the next.”

BIA originally introduced the Eclipse MyComfort Series at the spring High Point Market to bolster the company’s offerings below the $1,000 price point. 

The series offers a choice of five comfort feels that are presented in the same fabric and at the same price point, making it easier for an RSA to explain and navigate for consumers.  The first stop for shoppers is the third mattress in the collection to get a baseline read on the comfort level. From there, they will be moved up or down the line to more plush or firm selections more suited to their preference. 

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“Labeled one through five with corresponding levels of firmness, our series was meant to make the lives of our dealers and their consumers easier,” says Phil Carlitz, chief revenue officer for BIA. “It takes guessing out of the equation. RSAs are confident that, by laying on all five beds, customers will find their perfect feel. We are happy to see retailers like Super Store enjoying the collection.” 

BIA’s Fabulous 5 series can be ordered and shipped from all 13 manufacturing plants throughout the country.

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