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King Koil to unveil new retail design concept in Vegas

King Koil to unveil new retail design concept in Vegas

With a nod to increasing consumer interest in the fast-growing health and wellness category, King Koil is unveiling a major retail design concept at the Las Vegas Market (Space B1200) that ties together three best-selling collections in a fresh new way.     

Inside the King Koil showroom in Las Vegas, the new retail environment will be set apart with eye-catching lightboxes that capture attention and promote key messages. Along with newly developed point of purchase and marketing materials, executives expect to present a variety of format sizes, with either four, six or eight beds featuring different product stories and price levels to suit any dealer’s needs and location, whether specialty bedding or furniture store.

Though all three collections were introduced to King Koil’s product line at different times and for different reasons—Re-Spun, PureBliss, Natural by King Koil—all address a common theme and cohesive message: better sleep/better environment, whether realized through all-natural cotton, or hypoallergenic materials like natural Talalay latex, or post-consumer recycled denim. 

 According to David Binke, chief executive officer, “Our goal is to be perceived as a leading resource in wellness. These three collections already are very important to our business so it makes sense to accentuate that and to show them in a way they haven’t been seen before, and in so doing, we believe the category will become even more important moving forward.

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“We think wellness is less a trend now than it is a way of life,” he continues. “We want to align our products with where current and future consumer demand is headed, and this is a natural evolution in how we introduce product. In fact, all three collections will be expanded with new models. Retail prices in this format will be in the heart of our affordable luxury business at King Koil. No matter the mix chosen, the presentation is designed to be attractive, timely and special.”  

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