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What if TikTok is the next Google?

What if TikTok is the next Google?

How can mattress brands use TikTok effectively? 

That’s a question more and more companies will be asking themselves in the next year.

Home News Now contributor Brian Carroll recently wrote a fantastic article about TikTok and the e-commerce end of it. I encourage everyone to read it. 

But there’s a part of TikTok that Brian didn’t touch on that I want to point out, and it’s one that might be far bigger than you’d think.

Consider this: Adrienne Sheares, owner and director of social media and content for ViviMae Labs, conducted research that found that around 40% of Gen Zers use TikTok for online search.

It may sound like a stretch, but it could mean that TikTok becomes the next Google.

As a new TikTok user (I know I’m late to the party), I believe this may be the case in the near future.

For example, my wife and I have a newborn and we constantly look up “how to” questions on TikTok. It’s far easier to digest than scrolling through Google, and most of it is super helpful because it’s visual. 

So why use Google anymore?

That same logic can be applied to almost any product now that TikTok is pumping up its e-commerce capabilities. 

Sheares went on to explain these three key takeaways from her study:

  1. “TikTok shows them relevant content FASTER than Google. The algorithm knows them WELL, and they love that.
  2. The Gen Z focus group participants weren’t concerned about misinformation on TikTok. They know it exists and will avoid content on the platform that can easily be false (like health or news).
  3. The Gen Z focus group participants don’t want to read to find information. They will if they HAVE to. But if they can get a quick video with the answer, that’s what they prefer.”

Now consider that TikTok does become the new Google. How are consumers going to find your outdoor furniture brand?

One thing I’ve learned from TikTok is that it’s difficult to tell the ads apart from the content — which is what TikTok, and brands, for that matter, want.

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So when thinking about TikTok ads, you’re going to need something natural and even informative. People love to learn new things, so the more you can show them through a short video, the better.

I’ve also learned that “short” is a matter of speaking. Some TikTok videos are easily a minute long. That may not sound like much, but when the average person has a lower attention span than a goldfish, quick is the name of the game. 

Finally, as with everything, you’re going to need to cater your content to your audience. I’d encourage every brand that wants to get on TikTok to have employees get personal accounts and brainstorm different content ideas. 

The best way to know what works on TikTok is to immerse yourself in it. 

As Brian explains, with an estimated 750 million monthly users, TikTok should not be ignored. And as Sheares’ research points to, sleeping on the platform might cost you in the future when Gen Z becomes the biggest consumer generation. 

Remember how Google came seemingly out of nowhere and everyone was scrambling to figure out SEO? Don’t let that happen with TikTok.

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