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Brooklyn-Helix unveils new corporate identity: 3Z Brands

Brooklyn-Helix unveils new corporate identity: 3Z Brands

What’s happening: Brooklyn Bedding and Helix Sleep, have unveiled a new corporate identity, 3Z Brands, which represents the business evolution of the collective portfolio and will serve as the unifying name for Brooklyn-Helix’s extended family of brands which includes Helix Sleep, Brooklyn Bedding, Birch, Bear Mattress, and the company’s wholesale business.

This new identity follows Brooklyn Bedding and Helix Sleep’s 2021 merger in partnership with Cerberus Capital Management and the entity’s recent acquisition of Bear Mattress in 2022. Each consumer-facing brand, like Helix, Bear, and Brooklyn Bedding, will continue to operate under its current identities, with the 3Z Brands serving as the unifying corporate entity. 

3Z represents the three z’s (zzz), an onomatopoeic representation of sleeping, and part of the idiom ‘catch some Zs’, which means to sleep. It’s also a way for the company to collectively represent multiple sleep brands coming together with one goal: to provide quality sleep to everyone.

Why it matters: “The creation of 3Z Brands unites our family of brands under one name and represents the significant growth of our business portfolio,” says John Merwin, CEO of 3Z Brands. “We aspire to be the leading vertically integrated sleep company in the U.S., and with this goal comes the need for a unified identity. We believe the name 3Z Brands serves as the perfect representation of our unique group of DTC mattress brands and will guide us as we work to create, customize, and deliver healthy sleep products to our customers.” 

The 3Z Brands name will be reflected in press communications and recruiting initiatives and will be displayed on the company’s manufacturing facility in Arizona. The websites, social media handles, and general branding of each consumer-facing entity will remain unchanged and will continue to operate as normal. 

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“The launch of 3Z is another exciting milestone for our growing family of brands,” said Adam Tishman, Co-Founder of Helix Sleep. “Announcing this new, unified identity is an important step in the evolution of our business and one that illustrates our growing ambition to become an industry-leading DTC sleep company. Built on a foundation of quality, customization, and comfort, 3Z Brands is poised to thrive with our portfolio of unique sleep brands that consumers love and trust.” 

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