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Restonic to host ‘Power of Sleep’ webinar

Restonic to host ‘Power of Sleep’ webinar

Restonic will hold an exclusive webinar featuring Alison Bentley, a renowned sleep doctor and researcher from South Africa. Scheduled for July 18 at 10 a.m. EDT, this engaging and informative session will equip mattress RSAs with critical sleep knowledge they need to elevate their sales approach.

Traditionally, retail mattress sales strategies have revolved around highlighting product features and benefits rather than individual sleep challenges. 

“When an RSA focuses on sleep rather than the mattress, they transform the sales process into a truly consultative experience that prioritizes health and well-being,” says Bentley, medical doctor and sleep researcher at the Restonic Ezintsha Sleep Clinic. “I’m excited to share my research and insights during this webinar, helping retailers enhance their customer interactions and drive more meaningful sales.”

Bentley’s webinar will emphasize how an RSA’s understanding of sleep can shift conversations to ensure customers choose a mattress that addresses and resolves their unique sleep issues. This innovative approach not only enhances the relationship but also positions the salesperson as a knowledgeable consultant who prioritizes customer well-being.

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  • Expert insights: Bentley will share her extensive research on sleep health, providing actionable insights that salespeople can immediately implement.
  • Selling tactics: She’ll explain how to transition from focusing on features and benefits to addressing a customer’s individual sleep challenges, adding value to the shopping experience and improving overall satisfaction post-purchase.
  • Interactive Q&A: Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with Bentley, ask questions and gain deeper insights into the science of sleep and its impact on overall health.

“Understanding the profound impact of sleep on health — and its direct correlation to mattress sales — can be a valuable differentiator for our retail partners,” says Laurie Tokarz, president and CEO of Restonic Mattress Corp. “Dr. Bentley’s expertise will pave the way for a more informed sales approach, allowing RSAs to connect more meaningfully with their customers and foster long-term customer relationships.”

To register for this webinar, please contact Julia Rosien, vice president of brand and digital marketing at Restonic: 

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