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All in One Mattress Experts launches digital retail training platform

All in One Mattress Experts launches digital retail training platform

All in One Mattress Experts, a new digital learning platform for the bedding industry spearheaded by industry veterans Bob Muenkel, Justin Trumbo and Scott Stenzel, aims to equip retailers with the essential skills and strategies to thrive in a competitive market. 

“We realized the three of us have very complementary skills,” says Bob Muenkel, founder of consulting firm UncleMuenkel. “Our varied career paths, when combined, offer a wealth of knowledge that we believe will add immense value to the industry.” 

The All in One Mattress Experts platform will initially feature Muenkel’s core training classes, which the team believes are fundamental for all retailers. “These core classes are designed to provide a solid foundation for anyone in the mattress retail space,” Muenkel adds. 

Following the launch of Muenkel’s training, Trumbo will introduce his highly acclaimed sales process course. This class, already widely adopted by retailers across the country, focuses on Technology Selling — a proven method to increase average ticket size, improve conversion rates and enhance customer satisfaction.

“I’m very excited to finally be putting these courses in digital format,” Trumbo says. “I’ve been teaching my technology test to retailers for many years, and it’s thrilling to see so many adopting the process.” 

The Technology Selling course will cover critical topics such as the proper use of technology testing, effective customer engagement techniques, and the psychology behind good, better, best selling strategies. Trumbo will also release courses on negotiating a retail location, the things to look for in a lease, and much more. 

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Stenzel will concentrate on demystifying e-commerce, SEO and online marketing. His courses aim to eliminate the confusion surrounding digital retail strategies, empowering retailers to leverage online tools for maximum impact. “Our goal is to provide clear, actionable insights that retailers can use to boost their online presence and sales,” Stenzel explained. 

The All in One Mattress Experts platform is poised to become an invaluable resource for retailers seeking to enhance their skills and stay ahead of industry trends. By bringing together the combined expertise of Muenkel, Trumbo and Stenzel, the platform offers a comprehensive and accessible approach to retail training.

For more information about All in One Mattress Experts and to stay updated on the platform’s launch, visit 

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