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Optimizing signage for maximum impact in your mattress store

Optimizing signage for maximum impact in your mattress store

In the competitive world of mattress retail, where comfort and support are paramount, effective communication is key. But how can you silently persuade customers to choose your plush paradise over the competitor’s downy dream? The answer lies in the strategic use of signage — your silent communicators that can make or break the sale.

Crafting clear and compelling messages

  • Focus on benefits, not just features: Don’t just list features like “innerspring” or “memory foam.” Highlight the benefits these features provide, such as “superior pressure relief” or “luxurious cooling technology.”
  • Keep it concise: Attention spans are short. Use clear, concise messaging that’s easy to read from a distance.
  • Target specific needs: Segment your signage. Use targeted messages to address different customer needs — back pain relief, allergy solutions, cooling options, etc.

Visually appealing design

  • Bold and beautiful: Eye-catching visuals are crucial. Use high-quality images of happy sleepers on luxurious mattresses.
  • Color psychology: Colors can evoke emotions. Use calming blues and greens for relaxation areas, or vibrant oranges and yellows to highlight energy-boosting features. Here are some specific font and color pairings to consider:
    • Relaxation and pressure relief:
      • Font: Serif fonts like Georgia or Playfair Display can evoke a sense of luxury and comfort.
      • Color: Soothing blues (think light blue or periwinkle) or calming greens (like sage green or olive) promote feelings of tranquility.
    • Cooling and support:
      • Font: Sans-serif fonts like Open Sans or Montserrat are clean and modern, reflecting the supportive nature of the mattress.
      • Color: Lighter, cooler tones like light gray or sky blue can create a sense of breathability and freshness.
    • Luxury and indulgence:
      • Font: Script fonts like Pacifico or Alex Brush add a touch of elegance and sophistication.
      • Color: Richer tones like deep purple, navy blue or even a touch of burgundy create a feeling of luxury and indulgence.
  • Font Matters: Choose a large, easy-to-read font for both headings and body text. Avoid overly decorative fonts that are difficult to decipher.

Strategic placement is key

  • Welcome wagon: Greet customers at the entrance with a clear floor plan and directional signage.
  • Highlight bestsellers: Showcase your most popular mattresses with prominent signage featuring customer ratings and awards.
  • Price it right: Price tags should be clear and easy to find. Consider incorporating QR codes that link to detailed product information pages.
  • Don’t forget the details: Use smaller signs to highlight specific mattress features (e.g., “Gel Grid Support System”).

Signage beyond the mattress

  • Promote financing options: Make financing easy to understand with clear signage outlining terms and benefits. Consider using digital displays for dynamic updates.
  • Package deals and bundles: Showcase the value of bundled items with attractive signage featuring discounted prices for pillows, sheets or adjustable bases.
  • Promotional power: Announce sales and promotions with eye-catching, temporary signage. Utilize color-coding to differentiate between ongoing promotions and limited-time offers.

Learning from the leaders

Direct-to-consumer mattress brands like Puffy and Nectar have revolutionized the industry with their focus on clear communication and customer experience. Take a page out of their playbook and leverage the power of footers on your mattress displays. These visually appealing sections at the bottom of the signage can be incredibly effective in outlining key features, benefits and even customer awards.


See Also

  • Maintain consistency by developing a consistent signage style that reflects your brand identity. Use the same color palette, fonts and messaging throughout the store.
  • Regular updates keep your signage fresh and relevant. Update pricing and promotions regularly, and replace any damaged or outdated signs promptly.

By implementing these signage strategies and learning from innovative brands, you can transform your silent communicators into powerful customer motivators. Clear, concise and visually appealing signage will guide customers through the buying journey, highlight the value you offer, and ultimately lead to a restful night’s sleep for you — and a happy customer for your store.

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