Bed Tech introduces nationwide shipping program for UPS-friendly goods 

Recognizing the evolving needs of the retail landscape, Bed Tech’s new nationwide shipping program now extends to all UPS-friendly goods.

President Darren Sparks emphasizes the company’s pledge to adapt to retailers’ operational preferences. 

“At Bed Tech, we prioritize understanding and supporting our retailers. We recognize their desire for flexibility and efficiency in managing their operations,” he says. “Our nationwide shipping program for all UPS-friendly goods is designed to offer a seamless shipping solution that aligns with retailers’ needs.” 

This initiative marks a significant step forward in Bed Tech’s ongoing commitment to its retail partners. By expanding the shipping program to encompass all UPS-friendly goods, the company demonstrates its agility in responding to market demands and supporting retailers’ operational goals.

“We value the strong relationships we have with our retailers and remain dedicated to listening to their feedback,” Sparks adds. “Our nationwide shipping program for all UPS-friendly goods underscores our commitment to supporting retailers and enhancing their overall experience with Bed Tech products.” 

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