Molecule to make Las Vegas Market debut

Molecule, a brand that is celebrating its 8th year in the sleep technology industry, announces that it will introduce its newest and most advanced collection, the Molecule Reflex collection, at the upcoming Las Vegas Market in Building B space 958.

“In continuing our brand’s dedication to providing peak performance to all sleepers, the Reflex Collection introduces the latest in instant response technology, targeted support, and premium temperature management within key competitive price points,” says Travis Thigpen, VP of sales at Molecule. “This collection was developed to provide a differentiating experience to our Retail Partner’s floors and provide customers with an alternative to memory foam-focused products.”

At the core of the five-bed Reflex Collection, is Molecule’s exclusive LiftCOR™ technology, established through extensive research and development spanning several years. This highly resilient layer utilizes strategically placed gel inserts and unique channeling to elevate support levels by 75% compared to traditional foams.

Multiple open cell and instantaneously responsive comfort layers are added to provide premium pressure relief and up to 6x airflow, optimizing temperature management and ensuring a comfortable sleep environment.

The Molecule Reflex program is comprised of three foam models and two hybrids. The suggested queen mattress retails range from $999 to $2000. The premium Reflex Collection will continue its exclusive launch through dedicated partnerships with traditional furniture and specialty sleep shop retailers.

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