Verlo Mattress to open 24 new locations nationwide

Verlo Mattress, a provider of customizable, luxury mattresses, has signed three new franchise development deals that entail six locations coming to Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona, five locations in Dallas, Texas, three additional locations planned for Houston, Texas, and one location each in Boise, Idaho, and Raleigh, North Carolina.

“The average person underestimates the importance of sleep and how custom mattresses can have a significant impact on your overall well-being,” says Dirk Stallmann, President of Verlo Mattress. “Our goal is to provide the premier, affordable mattress service that can help provide every unique need with the importance of being locally crafted in the area. We are thrilled by our continued growth and we hope to continue to serve more areas throughout the nation.”   

Verlo Mattress brings a unique concept to its communities, the opportunity to physically see their mattresses being crafted locally, and customize their mattresses to best suit their sleep needs. This process of locally crafted products allows customers to purchase affordable, luxury sleep products within their own community, without the middleman markup.

In addition to Verlo Mattress’s luxury products, the brand also provides its Lifetime Comfort Guarantee, ultimately extending the life of the mattress by allowing for comfort adjustments throughout its lifetime. This not only shows the brand’s value of customer service but also cuts down on waste by reducing the number of mattresses that end up in landfills. 

Verlo has also recently awarded other new territories to expand throughout the country. In 2023 so far, Verlo Mattress has awarded territories in Charlotte, North Carolina, Miami, Florida, Noblesville, Indiana, West Chicago, and Bentonville, Arkansas. This continued expansion will deliver locally crafted mattresses to new markets, bringing luxury, American-made sleeping products to more people seeking quality sleep solutions. 

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