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Jeff Giagnocavo opens up about facing demons as a leader

Jeff Giagnocavo opens up about facing demons as a leader

Jeff Giagnocavo, co-owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More, opens up about how leaders — who tend to be strong in the public eye and avoid speaking about their trauma — sometimes need to face their pasts in order to move forward. He picks out a few lessons leaders can learn from his new book “The Space for Leadership,” available at

Key takeaways:

  • “The Space for Leadership” deals with complex issues, including sexual abuse, and how it throughputs to being a leader.
  • There are two core beliefs Jeff has: 1. God will do no harm. 2. What happens to us happens for us.
  • If you’re facing struggles that need to be addressed, know that we can feel best about ourselves when we do for others. Start there and approach those you lead with empathy and understanding.
  • Challenge yourself to approach the time you have with those you lead from points of empathy. Never assume that you know what others are going through.
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