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Diamond finds success with entry-level Dreamstage Value collection

Diamond finds success with entry-level Dreamstage Value collection

Diamond Mattress set out to prove its strong track record of responding to retailer needs with the summer introduction of the Dreamstage Value Collection, the company’s promotional line remerchandised to be an aggressive traffic driver and omnichannel product.

Dreamstage was enthusiastically received by retailers as a value-packed collection, says Diamond CEO Shaun Pennington, with a particular interest in the strong overall value of the 13-inch hybrid foam-encased gel memory bed with an eye-catching performance cover.

“To drive business, we have to be both proactive and responsive to economic trends and the changes in consumer buying behaviors,” he says. “With the changes over the past three years, revamping starting price points is necessary for retailers to refresh their floors and recapture the value and sales at those price points.”

The Dreamstage Value Collection includes six models offered with different comfort feels and tops — Euro, pillow, smooth or tight. Retailers can create strong selling stories and margins with suggested retail price points beginning at $329 for the entry-level all-foam queen model and topping out at $999 for the top Amethyst Euro top queen that includes gel memory foam and a foam-encased pocketed coil unit.

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Diamond’s refreshed approach to its promotional line focuses on key benefits for the sleeper — lasting temperature regulation, proper support for pressure relief and spinal alignment, and durability for overall value. Every Dreamstage bed has a comfort layer of CertiPUR-US high-density foam and a performance heat and wicking fabric cover to move moisture and heat away from the skin surface. Every Diamond mattress is made in the U.S. and includes a 20-year warranty.

“We know that business is always evolving, and our sales team is in constant communication with our retail partners to understand what they need to drive business and be profitable. We believe no one does it better than Diamond when it comes to being precise and agile in responding to their feedback,” Pennington adds.

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