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Over 3,200 mattresses sold in 12 hours at Kingsdown China promotional event

Over 3,200 mattresses sold in 12 hours at Kingsdown China promotional event

Every year, Kingsdown’s China licensee, Roth Bedding Technology International Ltd. (better known as “Kingsdown China”), celebrates the brand’s birthday by hosting a “Kingsdown Day” event for its dealers. On its 119th birthday recently, Kingsdown China hosted the event in Guangzhou, China, and sold more than 3,200 mattresses in just 12 hours — a record for the brand.   

All of Kingsdown China’s 80 retailers, collectively with 95 showrooms, participated in the Kingsdown Day celebration. To mark the occasion, Kingsdown China created an exclusive mattress inspired by North Carolina, the company’s home state. Retailers were presented with a trophy commemorating the 119th anniversary and branded Kingsdown gifts during a day filled with entertainment from dancers to professional musicians.

“Kingsdown Day is one of the most anticipated events for our company,” says Frances Chay, sales and marketing director for Kingsdown in Asia. “It is a great opportunity to celebrate the wonderful successes our brand has in our markets, connect with our dealers and encourage more sales. Many customers share that they have an increased confidence in the brand after the event.” 

As part of the festivities, for every 20 mattresses a dealer ordered during the Kingsdown Day event, they had an opportunity to smash a golden egg filled with a variety of prizes, from cash to free mattresses, or coupons valid for discounted Kingsdown products. One dealer even ordered 100 mattresses for the opportunity to smash five eggs.

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Spencer Nicholls, vice president of international licensing for Kingsdown, also presented a variety of trophies to recognize dealers that performed well this year. The highest honor award, the “Excellent Agent in China” given on behalf of the U.S. headquarters, was presented to Mao Jian, a dealer for the Xi’an province for best sales performance and largest number of store locations.

“Roth is an exceptional licensee for us that has enjoyed enormous success with our brand. They have really embraced the luxury and fashion positioning of our products that has resulted in their strong market share,” says Frank Hood, CEO of Kingsdown. “The annual Kingsdown Day event held in China is a great way to engage local dealers with our brand and stimulate new sales.”  

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