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Gold Bond sees uptick in juvenile mattress sales to older adults

Gold Bond sees uptick in juvenile mattress sales to older adults

Gold Bond initially credited an increase in sales of its premium juvenile mattresses over the past 18 months to families investing more in their children’s sleep. But when CEO Bob Naboicheck chatted with a retail sales associate of a long-time dealer who shared its large spike in juvenile mattress sales were coming from older adults, he started polling his other dealers who shared the same experience. 

“Our retail partners reported that older adults are making significant purchases of our premium juvenile line because they wanted full-featured, high-quality and low-profile mattresses. They are opting for our 8- to 8-and-a-half-inch profile instead of 12- to 16-inch mattresses,” he says.  

As consumers advance in years, not all older adults are comfortable with deep mattresses that make beds taller. “The depth of premium mattresses can be 15 inches or more, and that is before you add on the height of the foundation and legs,” he says. “Older adults need a mattress that is lower to the ground, more feasible to get in and out of, but still offers the same comfort and health benefits as any other premium mattress.”

Since Gold Bond’s juvenile line carries many of the same features as its traditional premium mattresses — GOTS-certified organic fabric, natural latex, higher coil counts, and antimicrobial, hypoallergenic cotton-based fabric — the company says it is a natural choice for these older adults.  

The juvenile line includes six different models: 200 Firm, 300 Plush, 400 Super Soft, 500 Gel, 600 Vytex Latex and 700 Nano Coil. 

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“What we are finding is that many of our dealers are not presenting the beds as a juvenile mattress, but rather that it is more suitable to their needs.,” Naboicheck adds. “We agree that we don’t want to dissuade adults from purchasing a better mattress because they perceive that it was intended for children. Rather, they only see that we offer a high-quality product, with various health benefits, at a lower and safer height,” he said. 

The Natural Support 2.0 collection retails from $399 to $799.

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