Sleep expert explains the hidden meaning behind common dreams 

Dreams are mysterious, and analyzing them to find out their meaning can be confusing. One of the most popular theories as to why people dream is that the brain is trying to sort through the events of the day while other theories state that dreams can serve as a rehearsal of future events. 

Sleep experts from BedKingdom have researched some of the most common dreams and their hidden meanings.  

Falling in your dreams 

The interpretations for this type of dream center around feelings of fear and vulnerability. Falling in your dreams can also indicate feelings of helplessness and being overwhelmed.  

It’s also possible that dreaming of falls can be seen as a warning from your subconscious to be careful. If a situation causes a loss of control, this can be translated as a fall when dreaming. 

Being chased in your dreams 

Feelings of stress and anxiety are the major cause of being chased while dreaming. If someone is feeling threatened in their waking life, that can also translate into dreams of being chased. 

Sometimes, these dreams can result from feelings of anger and are seen as a warning to watch out for possible threats. 

Teeth falling out in your dreams 

Dreaming about teeth falling out can commonly be linked to feeling unattractive or having negative thoughts about your image.  

Struggles with communication can also be a reason for these dreams, as teeth falling out can make it difficult to talk. A lack of confidence can also trigger this type of dream. 

Being naked 

Commonly brought on by feelings of being exposed, dreams of being naked in public places like school or work can also be triggered by feeling accused by someone. However, sometimes dreams of being naked can indicate that a person is comfortable with who they are. 


The ability to fly is associated with freedom. However, if you struggle or fail to fly in your dreams it can indicate a lack of confidence.  

If someone else is in the dream, struggling to fly can point to them holding you back and stopping you from moving on with your plans in life. 

Studies show that people forget 80-90% of their dreams, and some people can’t remember anything.

“Negative emotions and feelings of anxiety are more prevalent in dreams according to a study of over 50,000 people by psychologist Calvin S. Hall. By analysing dreams, we can problem solve and identify ways to help with issues we encounter in our lives,” according to BedKingdom.

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