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Who will ChatGPT displace?

Who will ChatGPT displace?

Have you heard about ChatGPT?

It’s a super-intelligent AI assistant — also called generative AI — that its website describes as tech that can “answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises and reject inappropriate requests.” 

It can also perform key tasks that save you time — like creating website blurbs, writing advertising copy and writing in a more conversational manner. 

It does all of this, and more, in an eerily humanlike way.

As a writer, I’m healthily skeptical. I don’t think anyone really needs to read a book by ChatGPT, but several have popped up with the AI tech as the author. 

That may just be some of the hype of the technology making people push its limits. And it could be one reason why Google and Microsoft are in an AI war with ChatGPT, as they both recently released their own AI assistants just days apart. 

According to Bloomberg, 30% of professionals say they have already put the AI tool to use at work, be it for drafting an email or generating pieces of code.

I can’t predict how big of a part AI will play in everyday business; however, I do think these AI bots have some advantages for mattress retailers.

And what better way to find out how it can be of use than to ask ChatGPT itself? 

Unfortunately, the technology is so popular right now that there’s a waiting list to even try it. Some lucky people, like retail editor Aaron Toumazou, got a first look, and this is a list ChatGPT came up with when he asked how it can help retailers:

– High-quality product descriptions optimized for search

– Virtual customer service

– Personalized email campaigns

– Engaging social media posts

– Product recommendations based on browsing and purchase history

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– Chatbots to assist customers with their orders

– Language translation

Used efficiently, that could save retailers hours of work that they would either try to do themselves or use marketing companies for. 

But that’s not to say marketing companies and writers won’t still be necessary. ChatGPT won’t completely replace them — it does and will likely continue to make mistakes for some time, just like humans. 

However, it can help retailers get more bang for their buck out of what they are paying marketing companies to do, and they can perhaps hire in their stores instead of using outside marketing firms.

In whichever ways ChatGPT gets used, the aim of the technology is to help with small tasks. In the same way that you wouldn’t trust an AI robot to sell mattresses, don’t put all of your trust in ChatGPT when it comes to marketing, advertising or anything important to your business. 

Still not convinced? Check out this conversation where Time Editor Billy Perrigo grills the AI assistant about if it constantly learns and improves, what the dangers are with AI sentience, the future of AI and more.

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