Global Blue Zones inspire Kingsdowns sustainable foam mattress

What’s happening: Kingsdown, Inc. is using inspiration from the growing sustainability movement and intriguing stories of the earth’s Blue Zones for its new foam collection.

Blue Zones are communities across the planet where people embrace a holistic approach to living longer, happier, and healthier lives by living in concert with natural resources.   Blue Zone communities all have nine commonalities that promote longer living for their inhabitants. Many of these commonalities stem from having a connection with nature, whether that means eating a more plant-based diet or practicing stress management and regular exercise.   

Why it matters: The mattress design draws on the alluvial sands of Nicoya, Costa Rica, one of the most famous Blue Zones and home to the “Pura Vida” way of life. The cover of the mattress utilizes TENCEL branded lyocell and modal fibers that are produced by environmentally responsible processes from sustainably sourced natural raw materials.

The border weave uses Repreve, a fully recycled eco-performance fiber made from recycled bottles that is cotton-like, moisture-wicking, and has a cooling touch. The mattress also incorporates a layer of sustainably produced Orbis foam, made from polyols sourced from recycled mattresses.

A key technical comfort component in Blue Zone is the introduction of the centi(GR)ade graphene strips. These revolutionary strips naturally pull away body heat for a cooler, healthier sleep on a foam mattress.   

“While Kingsdown is focusing on a more fashion-forward initiative in its other new collections this Market, we realize that younger consumers are not only attracted to fashionable products, but they care deeply about sustainability as well,” says Mike James, chairman of Kingsdown, Inc. “And when you think about a more sustainable, and healthier lifestyle, sleeping better is a natural progression.”

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