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Goldbond retailers finds sweet spot with Gen X

Goldbond retailers finds sweet spot with Gen X

What’s happening: Gold Bond says its retailers are seeing a market bright spot in Gen Xers, the 30-45 years who are highly compensated and willing to spend more for a better night’s sleep that improves their daily performance.

As a result, Gold Bond is leaning into its Buckingham and Venice collections, which are part of the Sacro support collection. The collections have several different mattress choices with different comfort feels. They all include Leggett & Platt’s 1057 Bolsa® with Quantum Edge® encased coils, which provide support all the way to the edge of the bed and what Gold Bond deems as the “finest encased coil spring unit in America.” The units can also be used with an adjustable bed base.

Why it matters: “Gen Xers are coming into their own with regard to compensation. They are in a position where they can and want to invest in their homes. More importantly, when it comes to mattresses, they have been brought up in an environment where sleep was better explained as being something that will help them perform better — at work and play,” said Gold Bond CEO Robert Naboicheck. “Our dealers have been telling us that our more premium products, like Buckingham and Venice are selling more briskly than ever because the 35- to 45-year-olds want a better quality, feature-enhanced product.

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“There is so much industry chatter about the value and lower price points. Value is certainly important at all price points, but that doesn’t need to mean cheap. Nonetheless, our dealers are seeing something different in their markets –stronger demand for premium mattresses,” he added.

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