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Therapedic International aims to make retailers’ lives easier with PromoBoxx

Therapedic International aims to make retailers’ lives easier with PromoBoxx

One sign of a good manufacturing partner is that they get you marketing materials and other digital assets quickly and efficiently. In today’s busy world, this kind of process makes the retailer’s life easier and gives added value to the manufacturer.

PromoBoxx is a platform that allows you to rapidly share digital assets on a schedule, and Therapedic was the first mattress brand to launch with it. The company’s retail partners have had tremendous success with it, so we spoke to Vice President of Brand Relations Susan Mathes about how the platform has helped the company’s retail partners.

First, the numbers speak for themselves, as Therapedic dealers showed significant growth in their digital marketing, compared to the same period last year:

  • 147% increase in overall monthly activity.
  • 129% increase in monthly organic campaign activity on Facebook.
  • 224% increase in monthly organic campaign activity on Instagram.
  • 154% increase in monthly automated shares on Facebook.
  • 225% increase in monthly automated shares on Instagram.

“It takes the legwork out for the dealers because they can sign up for an automated sending scheduling and receive assets on a regular basis,” Mathes explains. “We’re trying to make things easier by offering a resource that allows them to focus on other priorities.”

She says that retail partners have enjoyed having PromoBoxx because many of them are wearing many hats and don’t have the staff on hand to pass this type of work off to. And while some retailers schedule things out for the month and don’t look at it again, there is still the option to manually handle any of the actions in the platform. 

Recently, Therapedic made several upgrades to the platform. “We’re varying the content and making upgrades to how we approach it with intention to ultimately make it easier for the dealers and more valuable to them,” she says. “We will have some of Gerry’s Inside Track videos and we know it’s important to vary the content we send so our partners have a variety to choose from.

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Part of the upgrades includes providing more individual campaigns that can be better-targeted marketing opportunities as well as automating campaigns to streamline marketing processes. Reorganized assets are separated into digestible buckets to make it easier for dealers to find and use the resources they need when they need them.

Though it may seem small, this type of consistent, timely communication that provides dealers with new content is something the industry is only beginning to understand. This valuable part of manufacturers/retailer partner relationships is only going to become more important as retailers continue to use social media to drive foot traffic. 

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