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Shifman names Adam Fain director of national accounts

Shifman names Adam Fain director of national accounts

Bedding News Now has learned that industry veteran Adam Fain is taking on a new role at Shifman Mattress as director of national accounts.

Adam Fain

At Shifman, he will manage relationships with key national clients as well as oversee the development and execution of strategic plans to maximize sales and meet revenue targets. Shifman recently launched its new Authenticity collection at Bloomingdale’s.

“Adam’s appointment as director of national accounts brings a new era of strategic growth and customer-centric innovation to Shifman,” says company President Bill Hammer. “With his exceptional track record of driving sales and forging strategic partnerships, Adam embodies our commitment to elevating customer experience and expanding our market footprint. His leadership will undoubtedly propel Shifman towards even greater heights of excellence.”

In his new role, Fain aims to change the conversation around sustainability in the industry by going back to Shifman’s high-end, handmade mattress roots.

“Sustainability alone doesn’t sell — consumers are now shifting back to wanting quality craftsmanship products that don’t end up in a landfill,” Fain says about why he’s excited to join Shifman. “I’m seeing the paradigm shift where consumers want better products. We always joke that they don’t make stuff like they used to, but if you’re familiar with Shifman, there’s still working equipment from the 1920s.”

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One of the goals Fain has in his new role is to help put an end to greenwashing — calling products natural when they only contain small amounts of natural material.

“The industry has been trying to grab into the coattails of sustainability thinking that it alone would sell beds, but it doesn’t sell anything by itself,” Fain adds. “Domestic manufacturing is true sustainability, not just for the planet, but for the industry. I aim to get back to the basics and shift back to what worked in the first place — quality handmade products.”

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