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Diamond Mattress achieves GreenGuard Gold certification

Diamond Mattress achieves GreenGuard Gold certification

Diamond Mattress has earned GreenGuard Gold certification, moving the family-owned and -operated manufacturer another step toward its clean manufacturing and sustainability initiatives.

GreenGuard Gold certified products meet some of the most stringent health-based requirements for over 300 different volatile organic compounds known to contribute to indoor air pollution. Breathing these pollutants is linked to a variety of health problems, including allergies, asthma and cardiovascular disease. This certification process puts products through rigorous testing to demonstrate that they contribute to cleaner air, lower emissions and a healthier home environment.

“When we talk about sleep wellness at Diamond, we feel better now knowing that we’re making mattresses that also contribute to a healthier home and sleep environment, resulting in cleaner air that can help reduce the adverse health effects of indoor air pollution,” said CEO Shaun Pennington.

Diamond Mattress can place the GreenGuard Gold mark on almost all of its products including private-label opportunities. The trusted label helps retailers communicate to the consumer that they are making a healthier choice for their family by purchasing a GreenGuard Gold certified bed.

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Achieving GreenGuard certification is part of the company’s initiatives to become a more sustainable manufacturer, adding to its current practices and processes of using recycled fiber pads and steel as well as recycling and upcycling foam and fabric waste from the manufacturing process.

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