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Ghostbed’s Venus Williams Collection hits price point ‘sweet spot’ for Mathis Home

Ghostbed’s Venus Williams Collection hits price point ‘sweet spot’ for Mathis Home

GhostBed’s Venus Williams Collection has been with retailer Mathis Home for 14 months now, outpacing sales in what the company terms its bedding “sweet spot” — price points of $1,999 to $2,999 in queen. The retailer carries the collection in all of its 36 showrooms and online. 

The Venus Williams Collection features four models, available as either hybrid or all-foam designs, made with the proprietary Venus FIT (far infrared technology) layer that utilizes heat-activated technology to absorb body temperature to promote blood circulation, aid in recovery and enhance overall well-being. The partnership between Mathis Home and GhostBed brought this innovative sleep technology to discerning customers focused on health and performance. 

“We’re thrilled at the overwhelming response to the Venus Williams Collection,” says Kerry Tramel, bedding director at Mathis Home. “The collaboration with GhostBed was a natural fit for us. Venus has long been an icon of fitness and inspiration for an entire generation. Coupled with GhostBed’s significant presence and innovation in the industry, the Venus Williams Collection creates a powerful synergy. Crafted with a focus on health and performance and supported by scientific research, we believed this collection would resonate strongly with health-conscious consumers.”

“We knew from the outset that Mathis Home would be the perfect partner for the Venus Williams Collection,” says Alan Hirschhorn, GhostBed’s executive vice president. “Both of our brands focus on high quality, service and effective marketing, which is why our partnership works so well. They do a great job of promoting the Venus Williams Collection, and we’re excited to see how well it’s been performing.”  

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 The Venus Williams Collection falls in Mathis Home’s midtier price range with queen options starting at $1,999 and going up to $2,999 — a price point that Tramel feels is a “sweet spot.” 

“The products speak for themselves, delivering on their promises at their respective price points,” says Tramel. “The look and feel of the mattresses align with GhostBed’s vision — providing comfortable and durable options that prioritize the health and well-being of sleepers. The allure of Venus Williams and the buzz surrounding GhostBed undoubtedly contributes to their appeal, but even if you removed these factors, the mattresses would still be fantastic products.”

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